3 Fool-Proof Ways To Stand Out During Your Job Search

With so much competition for jobs right now, it can be easy for your resume and application to blend into the background. This is the last thing you want to happen when you’re trying to stand out and get noticed by employers. You want to make a great first impression, but it can be difficult to set yourself apart from the competition. Follow these fool-proof ways to get yourself noticed by employers and bag yourself the jobs that so many others want too.

Write a strong cover letter and resume

People will often underestimate the power of a cover letter and resume. This is the first thing an employer is going to see, so it needs to be perfect. It needs to look professional but don’t be afraid to play around with colour or fonts. Just ensure it is easy to read before you send it off and keep some consistency between the two documents. Also, use plenty of facts and figures concerning work you have done in the past. This could include sales targets you have successfully met or a percentage of customers you approach per day. It’s informative bullet points like these that will make an employer take notice. Also don’t be afraid to include examples of times when you haven’t succeeded and how you solved the problem or dealt with the issue. This will show an employer how responsible and mature you are. If you aren’t sure how to write a resume, some online templates and checkers can help and advise you on spelling and content.

Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile

You may think that a resume and a cover letter are enough to get you a job, but often it’s not. Some lucky people will get through on this alone, but not everyone is so fortunate. Go the extra mile and send in examples of your work for them to view alongside your application. This could be marketing plan you’ve made or photographs of development work you have recently completed. Whatever it is, think about presentation and choose what you send wisely. Try to tailor it to the role to show you have relevant skills and experience needed for the position. You could suggest changes the company could make or create a promotional video for them.  Another way of doing this is creating a striking website for them to look at that features your work and testimonials. All of this is going to stand your in good stead, and the employers are likely to remember you because of your extra effort to impress them.

Get in touch after your interview

So you’ve had your interview and there’s nothing more you can do. Wrong! Follow up your interview by sending an email or note to whoever interviewed you, thanking them for their time. Include specific references from the interview and how much you learned from the experience. This again will catch their attention and make them rethink about how well your interview went. It’s a simple but effective way of showing your gratitude and interest in the company.

Use these tricks to help you stand out amongst thousands of other job hunters.  All of the additional work you put in and changes you make will make all of the difference in your search for the perfect job.

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