3 Hair Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Every once in awhile, our hair magically turns out how we want it to with minimum effort. It doesn’t take thousands of products and hours of styling to achieve. It just happens. Unfortunately, these good hair days are often few and far between unless you’re a hairstylist by trade. Having beautiful hair every day does require care and maintenance. But often our busy lives prevent us from giving it the attention it needs. So to speed up the process, use these hacks to give you flawless looking hair time after time.


Use bobby pins for additional lift

Ponytails are a classic hairstyle that women all over the world have worn at some point in their lives. They can be worn high, low and to the size making them a versatile style for day or night. No matter what kind of hair you have, ponytails can often slide down and lose their lift due to your movements. To stop this from happening, all you need is some bobby pins. Style your ponytail as normal. Then grab two bobby pins and place them through your hair tie on the underneath of your ponytail. They should be pointing upward to create some additional support. This quick and easy hack that can make this style POP while keeping it secure and in place. Alternatively, you could use a butterfly clip for an instant lift too. Just make sure it cannot be seen.

Reduce frizz and flyaways with a toothbrush

Toothbrushes sprayed with hairspray are the perfect tool for keeping flyaways at bay. Hairspray on it’s own can turn your perfect style into one that is crispy and hard. Some brushes can even make the situation worse. So grab an old toothbrush and lightly spray with hairspray. Gently run it over your flyaways to secure them into place. You may need to build up your hairspray layers until they are all neatly flattened down. This layering will allow you to gain control and create a more polished look. Just remember not to use too much spray or to be too vigorous with your brushing.

Add some length with extensions

If you’re growing your hair out but you’re unhappy with how long it is taking, clip in hair extensions could be your solution. They can add length and colour to your hair while also making it appear thicker and healthier. The clips make it quick and easy to apply the extensions to your head and they can also improve your favourite styles. No matter whether you prefer wearing your hair up or down, the extensions can add volume and fullness to thin and lifeless hair. You can also choose whether to closely match the colour to your current hair or go for something that is bold and makes a statement. If you’re looking for convenience and easy application, this is the hack you should be using.

With these hacks to help you, you can make your hair look fabulous for work or for a date night in no time at all. With so much success, you’ll start to forget what a bad hair day is like.

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