3 Things Your Desk May Be Saying About You


For better or for worse, your desk says a lot about you. If you spend a majority of your workday at your desk, then it makes perfect sense to personalize and organize the space in a way that complements your character. Just as the clothes you wear or your body language leave an impression on co-workers or bosses, so too does your workspace give people insight into what you are really like.

According to research by psychologists, the state of your desk can tell if you are a hard-worker, a slacker, or someone in between. As women in the workforce, we want to project an image that says we are dedicated and ambitious at all times, and having a desk that is organized to reflect this image is essential to personal and professional success. In order to optimize your time management while at work, Advance Systems Inc suggests developing strategies that reflect a positive work ethic both in terms of your work space’s set up and your business objectives.

If you’re curious, here are 3 things your desk may be saying about you:

I’m a Neat Freak

There isn’t anything wrong with being organized and tidy—necessarily. But some desks give off a vibe of an obsession with neatness, and this may deter co-workers or clients from getting to know the person (or neat freak) who has an overly clean desk. The danger in being too neat is that it is often associated with being inflexible and unable to adapt in the workplace, so try to find the happy medium.

I’m Here, But I Wish I Was There

When decorating your desk, you will probably hang up a few photos of places you’ve traveled or hobbies you enjoy. This is normal, and a couple of appropriate vacation photos are always welcome, but you don’t want to overdo it. If your desk is overtaken with travel photos and you’ve set up a calendar counting down the days until your time off, this will make it look like you don’t like working and would rather be elsewhere.In order to show your commitment, it’s better not to post loads of photos that suggest otherwise.

I Don’t Plan On Staying Long

While it definitely isn’t a good idea to over-decorate your desk to the point of distraction, you don’t want to be too far on the opposite end of the spectrum, either. Having a barren desk—with no additional office supplies or personal items—will make your desk feel and look cold and sterile. It might also suggest to your boss that you aren’t planning to stick around long or that you don’t want to be open with your co-workers, which doesn’t reflect positively on your work ethic.

Be careful to analyze what your desk might be saying about you in order to know how to better rearrange or organize it so that it speaks to your business goals and personality.

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