Tips For Using Video To Promote or Monetize Your Website

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Have you experimented with putting videos on YouTube, but seen little results compared to your efforts? That’s frustrating for sure.  Because whether you have a blog, a more traditional online store, or are just present on social media, video can be very effective. If you follow the advice in this article, that is all about to change for you. Here’s how to start using video.


The easiest way to give yourself a raise is by turning your YouTube content into online courses. Of course, you can’t just put up any old YouTube video from an online course website, but if you can repackage your content or create new content that is educational in nature. Or, you can create new courses. Great places to sell your courses are Udemy and Skillshare. You can also sell your courses from your own website like I do with my online course discounts page.

i’ll quickly explain the pros and cons of selling from online platforms like Amazon and Skillshare vs. your own website. On Udemy and Skillshare, you have to split revenue with those sites and play by their rules which include rules on pricing. The great thing about those sites is that they bring you many new customers. On the other hand, you can sell your courses on your own website for much higher prices if you can build your own audience.



While many people know about Udemy and Skillshare, few people are aware of B2B content licensing opportunities for your content. Content doesn’t have to be just video. Courses, videos and even ebooks are some of the common types of content that gets licensed.

PLR stands for Private License Rights. This is where, for a fee, you allow others to resell your content and collect all or most of the revenue.


Did you know that many people might want to buy your courses on Udemy, Skillshare or your own website, but can’t because they don’t have mobile banking or PayPal. There are about 50 countries in the world where not many people have mobile banking and a number of additional countries where PayPal is not allowed. This is where Cryptocurrency comes in.

If you accept Bitcoin or other forms of Cryptocurrencies as a form of payment for your courses or other content, you will allow tens if not hundreds of millions more people in the world to purchase your content who otherwise were not able to purchase it.

You can even incentivize people to use Cryptocurrencies by offering discounts. Since Bitcoin is up 1000% over the past 12 months, if you accepted a $1,000 payment with Bitcoin last year, this year you would have $10,000. This is something that I personally do. I even created a page where I explain what you can buy with Bitcoin.

As you can see, if you already make videos online, you have many additional ways to make money from them. If your current source of income from video is mostly YouTube, if you explore the options outlined in this article, in 12 months, you can make 10x or 20x what you make on YouTube today.


This guest post was authored by Alex Genadinik.  You can connect with him on his YouTube channel.

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