CHANEL Exclusive: Timeless CHANEL Timepieces Now Found Online

Chanel Timepieces

To many established and aspiring fashionistas, CHANEL is a fashion powerhouse, with a bold and alluring style that is recognizable to even those who are a little less fashion conscious, and are still much loved by many to this very day. Like Coco Chanel herself, CHANEL timepieces have the same characteristics – traditional, yet modern; simple, yet luxurious; understated, yet intrepid – and they are feminine, while also married with masculine influences (much like her infamous suits, think collarless jackets and well-fitted skirts). Rich in heritage and history, CHANEL’s elegant and technically brilliant watches can be found, exclusively for the United Kingdom, at authorized retailer The Watch Gallery, now named Bucherer.

Since the birth of the CHANEL timepiece in 1987, each CHANEL watch, and all timepiece collections, have combined the art of watchmaking and the class and elegance of jewelry to ensure that every moment that passes on a CHANEL watch, is a moment well spent. Similar to other CHANEL favorites, like the CHANEL suit and little black dress, designs are simple and comfortable, yet chic and sophisticated. As Coco Chanel once said, “simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance,” and each collection continues to follow the epitome of Chanel’s fashion manifesto. Style is not neglected for substance, and substance is not neglected for style; Chanel endeavored to marry the two, and create a harmony.

Amassed in La Chaux-de-Founds, there are five prominent timepiece collections. In 1987, CHANEL’s first collection was released by Creative Director, Jacques Helleu, who successfully transitioned CHANEL’s traditional views into a more modern visualization after Coco Chanel’s passing. Their first collection, suitably named the Première Collection, took inspiration from the iconic design of the Place Vendome, which Coco Chanel would look upon from her room at The Ritz in Paris. Thin and elegant metal or pearl-stringed straps; small, yet defined watch faces, and a sophisticated color scheme of black, gold and silver, these watches complemented Chanel’s refined nature and life’s work.

After the success of the Première Collection, other major collections were curated by Helleu. Aside from the Première Collection, there is also the distinct J12 (a collaboration of sporty elegance and feminine demure), Mademoiselle Privè (a refinement of elegance and intricate detail with a larger watch face), and the latest collection, Boy.Friend (understated design, blurring the lines of masculinity and femininity, and a tweed watch strap to match the infamous tweed CHANEL suits). All collections, regardless of taste, are ideal for the young, the old; the free spirits or working professionals. Fashion is not for some, it is for everyone and anyone to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin.

Priding themselves with a large collection of luxurious timepieces, Bucherer are proud to be the only online CHANEL retailer for the United Kingdom; believing that CHANEL’s heritage and innovation should not be overshadowed, or that countries should not be limited in choice when it comes to selecting a part of Chanel’s legacy.

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