4 Inspirational Ways You Can Become an Entrepreneur

Become an Entrepreneur

There are two things that keep us from moving forward – fear and lack of motivation. It takes a lot of courage to take that one big step that will lead to a big career change. Only decades ago thinking about quitting a well-paid job to start your own business was far from being a usual thing to do. Now people are more flexible and ready to live in a fast changing environment. But the stakes are still very high because there is a risk of losing everything you have and get nothing in return. If you have been thinking lately that your job does not bring you as much joy as it did before, it may be the time to make a bold step forward. Here are 5 reasons for starting afresh and the inspirational examples of women who succeeded in it.

Turn your hobby into a profitable business.

If you can’t wait for the workday to end looking forward to spending time with a brush in your hand, you might start thinking about the way of turning a hobby into the main source of income. As soon as you realize that painting brings you more joy than spending 8 hours in the office, it might be the right time to make a change. Think about the opportunities you can use to monetize your life passion. The goal is to find the right niche for your product or service and start building a new brand. There is no need in a huge amount of investment which makes this a relatively easy thing to do.

It is the perfect example of combining art and business. The result is a successful wholesaler and retailer that has grown into a strong international brand. Nicole saw the opportunity in the market. It lacked high-quality products and she decided to find them. She brought an improvement to the world of crafts and is happy with what she does.

Spot an opportunity at work.

There is almost always a way to improve the work process. But it can be extremely hard to do if you are working in a big international company where there is a rigid control system of all the processes. Any change gives the managers a huge headache. Moreover, they would often ignore your ideas thinking they are not realistic. It is difficult to convince them otherwise. When you see a real way to improve the existing business, start a new company that will outstrip the competitors.

After working in recruitment for several years, Sara knew everything about this business. She saw some major flaws in the communication between employers and recruiters and decided to invent a new online platform. It made the interaction easy and transparent. The traditional approach to recruitment needed an update and a new perspective. Sara saw the drawbacks and turned them into her benefits.

Have children.

Becoming a mom brings a lot of changes not only into your personal life. Your career goals and priorities might get affected by the new circumstances. There are many women who decide to sacrifice their careers to be closer to their children. But this life-changing event can also mean a fresh start of the professional life. We live in the era of freelancers and flexible working schedules. You can take an active part in upbringing while managing a successful business.

Her second child was the reason why Andrea decided to start her own PR business. She wanted to spend more time with children and quit her job. Now she enjoys working without missing out on her children’s lives and gets good recommendations from multiple clients.

Overcome a personal challenge.

Sometimes only tragic events can help us realize the importance of the choices we make. After you overcome a major problem in your life, you can clearly see the reality and make the right decisions. You start to understand the real value of life and time each of us has. This inner change can bring you to the new conclusions and new career opportunities.

Halley did not like working in the office but tried to adapt to the strict rules and tight schedule. She was struggling but did not want to give up. Then a terrible thing happened. Her mother was diagnosed with a stage 4 cancer. This made Halley realize how short life was and that every day mattered. She quit and founded her own marketing service. She discovered her talents and helps small businesses to develop.
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