4 Tips When Trying To Start A Career As A Fashion Model

Becoming a model in Los Angeles, New York, or in any major modeling city is all about gaining experience in your current city. When trying to get into print ads, commercials, and even magazines, it is all about following a simple system to get you started.

 Get Headshots

The first step is to get headshots taken. There are companies like Bubblegum Casting who can capture quality photos for you. As a model, you really need to get good headshots and also a couple of comp cards as a model. Your headshot is what you’ll be sending out to casting directors, what you use to attain an agent, and other aspects. Headshots do help you out in a big way, and the key is to consider investing good money for these photos. They do make a big difference as to whether decides to hire you or not.

 Take Classes

Take acting, modeling, and self image classes. There are countless people who are developing their skills constantly. A good resume is great, but the people you meet at these classes can be even better. You may end up meeting another model who is already with a great agent, and they may recommend you.

 Find an Agent

The next thing you want to consider is looking for an agent. It takes awhile to be able to get an agent because they really look for people who have serious experience, so they will look for your headshot and try to see if you have experience. This is why classes to put in your resume and also really nice headshots can help you get an agent. Your goal should be to find more than one agent to sign you and to add you in as one of their freelance models. When you are a part of all of these agencies, you’ll be able to gain more and more access to some more potential job offers and modeling opportunities. Some casting directors go straight to some agencies, so you want to be a part of as many in your area as possible.

 Get Those Jobs

Once you are with an agency, your goal now should be to continue taking classes, joining seminars, finding other agents, and continuing to learn. The waiting begins at this point because you have to learn how to deal with waiting for opportunities. You really need to make sure that you are prepared to check your email often and to also watch out for more and more offers. Getting job offers means looking in your emails a lot, waiting for phone calls, and having a very open schedule to attend auditions and also be able to do the photo shoots and commercials.

The above tips should help outline for you a 4 step system to becoming a good model and break out into this tough industry. A lot of auditions and requirements are needed for you to do the right way, so think about the above steps to achieving your big modeling dreams.

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