5 Great Home Office Purchases to Upgrade Your Workspace

The work from home (WFH) trend was already on an ascending trend before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. As soon as we’ll be free to roam the cities and enjoy the outside of our homes as we please, specialists expect that a large percentage of the workers will want to continue working remotely from their home office. 

Taking a closer look at the situation, it does seem that, when done right, people who have the possibility to organize a home office space, feel better working from home. So, assuming you already have a dedicated room for office duties, here are five purchases to make in order to increase productivity and keep yourself happy and focused. 

A Performance Quality Audio System

Music can help you relax and focus on the task at hand, but it’s best to avoid wearing headphones for long periods of time. So an audio system is the best option. 

Luckily, due to modern devices, you no longer have to adorn your walls with wires or ugly-looking speakers to get amazing sound quality that uplifts the spirit and charms the soul. There are plenty of audio and speaker systems that look amazing (and deliver professional quality) that work based on BT and WiFi connectivity. Plus, they’ll add a note of elegance to your space. 

Adjustable Desk & Ergonomic Chair

Sadly, most office work today has you sitting in a chair, staring at a computer monitor for about 8h daily. This way of working and living is harmful to our health and can have lots of negative side effects in the long term. 

Specialists recommend an adjustable desk that can be raised or lowered as needed (to turn it into a standing desk whenever you want) and an ergonomic chair designed to support your back during long hours of sitting. Of course, you also have to pay attention to your posture while working and take hourly breaks during which you take a walk and make a few stretching exercises. 

Surge Power Strip with USB Ports

As you get more comfortable working from home, you’ll have more devices to charge and power. This is why it’s best to invest in a power strip with surge protection (to keep everything safe) and maybe a few USB ports. With this around, there’s no need to perform outlet hunting expeditions in the house – everything will fit in one place and the strip helps regulate the power to avoid overcharging.  

A Few Plants

You may not like to keep them on your desk, but now you have the entire room at your disposal! Plants (especially green ones) help the eyes relax, filter the air, and make everything look better.

If you’re the kind of person who forgets about watering the plants as required, then get some of the more resistant ones (like cactuses or orchids)!

A Smart Speaker

Whether you’re an Alexa fan or you enjoy Google’s assistant more, a smart assistant that has access to various tools and accounts is of extreme use. You can ask them to do a wide array of tasks while you stay focused on the main task, and their use will only increase in the future. 

Who knows, maybe you’ll have them do shopping decisions in your place in the future. They can already set appointments for you, so it’s not an unlikely possibility. 

Wrap Up

In summary, in order to keep working hard and being productive, you need to spruce up your working space. After all, your health (both mental and physical) needs to come first. And speaking of mental health, pay attention to burnout signs, especially nowadays when remote work and Zoom meetings can take up the entire day

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