6 Interesting Careers for Creative People


Everyone needs to make enough money in order to survive and live comfortably, but the career you choose doesn’t have to be boring either. Forget regular 9 to 5 jobs and the usual career paths. There’s a creative job in almost every field, so you can find the most interesting one no matter what skills you have.

Most people think of fine art, poetry, or music when they think of creative career paths. Have you considered broadening the field to include real estate, asset allocation, management, or marketing? Yes, all those fields have interesting jobs too. Consider diving into the world of alternative investments, or helping companies manage their marketing plans. Become a social media analyst or use your skills with stamps and collectible items to become an antiquities dealer. There’s no shortage of career paths, but here are a few to spark some ideas.

Financial Coach


Financial careers are more creative than you think. Of course, you have to think of something unique if you want to indulge your creative side in this field. Something like a financial coach or independent financial planner is an excellent option. You can also become a financial coach who specializes in alternative investments. Even as a freelance financial coach, several platforms will help you find the best alternative assets.

Remember to look for a range of positive reviews and testimonials on third-party sites before recommending any alternative investment platforms. Consider checking out platforms that people already trust, like Yieldstreet. As a financial coach, you can help people with their financial planning and do some yourself! It’s a good career move if you have a substantial range of knowledge about diversification, real estate, cryptocurrency, private equity, venture capital, and hedge funds.

Makeup Artist

Do you spend hours trying on different types of eyeliner or fixing the perfect set of false eyelashes to your lash line? Do you spend all your time convincing your friends to try magnetic lashes that are so much better than other types of false eyelashes? Yes, you can get paid for your skills with magnetic eyeliner lashes, liquid liners, and even makeup removers.

If faces are your favorite canvas, you may want to consider a career in makeup art. You can help brides apply liner, lashes, and other makeup for their big day or help models during photoshoots. You can also partner with a photographer or join a beauty brand as their in-house artist.

Marketing Manager

Nothing about marketing sounds creative, but marketing managers have exciting jobs. You can put your creative skills to use with a job like this. As a marketing manager, you usually conduct market research, analyze trends, and help companies with various decisions.

Whether it’s to help with financial planning efforts or increase sales, a marketing manager can quickly become indispensable. You can also dip your toe in everything from sales and advertising to PR and management. If you like wearing a variety of different hats, this job is for you.

Video Game Designer

It’s a good idea to work in the video game industry, especially since it’s worth billions in the United States. Apart from the lucrative career prospects, it’s also the perfect place for designers to unleash their creativity. It’s not easy to start your career in the industry as a game designer. However, you can bank on a secure, fun future once you get your big break.

Game designers can perform a range of tasks apart from actually designing a game. You get to develop the storyline, flesh out characters, and test and review the game. Some senior designers also serve as advisors or partner with game developers. If you want to disappear into new worlds and have several ideas for new video games, consider a career in this creative field.

Brand Copywriter

Are you a writer who likes to wear many hats? Consider copywriting for individual brands or businesses. It’s the perfect job for writers who love learning about everything from public markets and cryptocurrency to bond markets and the auto industry.

Writing for a variety of brands also means your work-life is never dull. After all, you could be writing about mutual funds and hedge funds on one day and magnetic lashes and precious metals on the next. Copywriters usually write promotional content for a range of websites or advertising platforms.

As a copywriter, you can work on anything from social media content for a venture capital brand to promotional brochures for an auto dealership. Some brands want writers with a range of skills, while others prefer someone with a specialization. Research the market to find the perfect fit. It will also help you get a foothold in the field without extensive degrees or too much of a hassle.

Women’s Fitness Instructor

There are countless benefits to becoming a certified Women’s Fitness Instructor. One of the biggest benefits of completing your online certification with the American Sports & Fitness Association is that you will be able to broaden your range of clients, resulting in more career opportunities for you. 

Becoming a Women’s Fitness instructor lets you work with women who are at any fitness level, whether they’re just beginning or they’re pros. You can work with beginner and intermediate clients initially and then move on to more advanced clients who follow a specific exercise regimen.

Another benefit to becoming a Women’s Fitness instructor is that it can help you get employed at gyms, health clubs, personal training studios, fitness centers, and more.

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