5 Keys to Staying Sane in your Job Search

Today’s post is by, Norma Tassy

Mounting a search for a new position takes perseverance, tenacity and a willingness to stretch out of our comfort zone. Whether we are in a position that we enjoy or managing a transition, searching for a new job takes determination. Integrate these five suggestions everyday to make your search focused and productive.

1. Stay Positive

Banish Negative thoughts as you look for work. Do not allow thoughts of failure to cloud your mind as you go about your daily activities. Each day before you begin your search focus your mind in a positive direction. Look up meaningful quotations. Consult a book of sayings. Bombard yourself with messages that say “I can do it” “success is mine”. And have this picture in your mind before you start your search activities.

2. Stay organized

Track your daily activities. Decide you how many hours a day you can spend on your search. Make a spread sheet to track where you have applied, whom you have spoken to ad what the results have been. Plan your days’ activities leaving time to do some person development and reflect on your efforts thus far. Once you have your plan in place do not allow time wasting activities to get you off your schedule.

3. Stay connected

When mounting a search it is vitally important to build and maintain your network. Call on old colleagues and let them know your situation. Tell them what your efforts have been and give them specific ways that they can be helpful. Attend conferences lectures and events geared toward your industry. Meet new people and above all stay in touch. Make an effort to meet new networking acquaintances face to face one on one. Get to know new people.

4. Stay Informed

Not only is it necessary to keep abreast regarding the latest terms and technology in a given field, it is important to be an enlightened and engaged citizen. In interview situations it is key to be able to hold a conversation on your field of endeavor and events of the day.

5. Stay Well

Rest, eat right and exercise. No matter if you are working or not searching for a new position takes a lot of mental and physical stamina. Pay attention to your health. It is the best thing you can do for yourself.

By focusing on your search, using your time wisely and maintaining a positive attitude, job search is so much more productive and so much less stressful. Try it.

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