5 Overlooked Elements Of Your Home Maintenance That Need Regular Attention

Owning a home is not only about paying the bills. You need to maintain the building to ensure that everything stays safe and in working order. There are some home features that require regular maintenance that people often forget about. However, failing to attend to some of the home features could lead to a disaster and put you and your family in danger. Our list of overlooked elements of your home maintenance that need regular attention will help you to keep your home and family safe.

Maintain Septic System To Avoid Problems

Caring about your sewer or septic system does not need to be as difficult or intimidating as it sounds. The most basic thing to do while trying to prolong its life is to be careful about what you wash down the drain. Some of the things you should not wash down the drain are oils and grease, coffee grounds, or paper towels. If you have a septic system, you should also have the tank pumped every 3 to 5 years. Companies such as HIBON provide professionals with a septic truck vacuum pump that will allow them to get rid of the waste safely and quickly.

Clean Gutters To Avoid Damage To Your Home

Gutters are a vital part of your building structure. They collect rainwater and then carefully lead it away from the house. However, during the years, they can get clogged with leaves and other items that limit the flow of the water. Cleaning the gutters will lessen the risk of floods in your home, roof damage, or damage to the foundations of the building. 

Clean Refrigerator Coils To Save On The Bills

Cleaning refrigerator condenser coils at the back or the bottom of your fridge can help you save significant money on energy bills. If the coils are dirty from dust or cobwebs, they struggle to release heat efficiently. The compressor needs to use more power than it should. As a result, the lifespan of your fridge will get significantly shorter and energy bills higher. You can clean the coils with a hoover or a coil-cleaning brush. This way, you will make your fridge more efficient again and reduce your expenses.

Clean Vents Of Your Dryer To Prevent Fires And High Energy Costs

Clogged vents of your dryer will make the machine less efficient. At the same time, you are putting your family at risk of fire which could lead to severe injuries and damage. Some of the signs that your dryer vents are plugged are strong odor and longer drying times. Vents can get clogged by lint or even nesting animals. To clean the vent, you will need to remove it from the back of your dryer. To make your job easier, you can also buy cleaning kits from a home center.

Drain Your Water Heater To Expand Its Lifespan

If your water heater stops heating and starts leaking, the chances are that you neglected its regular maintenance. Sediment collects at the bottom of the tank. To prevent efficiency problems and rising bills, you should drain some water from the heater every year. Failing to do so can shorten the lifespan of your water heater. However, if you remember to maintain it regularly, you will make it run more efficiently.