5 Power Tips To Gain More Muscle Mass This Season

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Building muscles can be an enormous challenge for some people. To achieve that toned, muscular body, you’ll have to exert a great deal of time and effort in building them as they don’t happen overnight. With proper mindset, techniques, and discipline, muscle building is a fun learning experience that poses various health benefits, not just for the aesthetics.

To power up and gain more muscle mass this season, consider these five power tips that guarantee slow yet steady results:

Burn Fat, Build Muscle

You’re expected to bulk up and eat more if you’re looking into building muscle mass. However, not all aspiring bodybuilders want to get bulky while gaining lean mass. Before starting your bodybuilding program, make sure you’re aware of this to take the right muscle building path.

Planning to lose fat while increasing muscle mass is more demanding than you might know as these two are quite the opposite. To move along this fine line, let these tips guide you:

  • Boost protein consumption to ensure muscle tissue protection
  • Cut down a healthy amount of carbohydrates
  • Find your sweet spot when consuming calories
  • Eat healthy fats that support your muscle-building environment

To aid this purpose, you can also consider taking supplements targeted for this purpose, like the Shredded Stack that helps increase lean mass while burning fat.

Never Skip Your Breakfast

You can build muscle mass while still losing weight, but it doesn’t mean you should restrict yourself from eating! Increasing lean mass is about fueling yourself with the right food choices. After all, you won’t have the energy to work out if you skip your meals, particularly the most important one for the day: your breakfast.

Muscle building heavily relies on carbohydrates for fuel. If you’re engaging in medium- to high-intensity muscle training early, kickstart your morning with a balanced breakfast: protein for muscle growth and repair, then carbs for a reliable energy supply.

Engage In Challenging And Heavy Workouts

Building muscle mass requires extra attention than your typical workout sessions. Jumping jacks, lunges, and kicks can be fun, but you’re not going to increase lean mass with those low-intensity workouts. To achieve hypertrophy, you have to stimulate muscle tissue growth and production with hard, heavy, and big movements.

Your muscle training depends on your goals and preferences, that’s why it’s best to consult and work with a trainer to make the most out of your workouts.

Trigger Hypertrophy With Eccentric Movements

Muscular movements are divided into easy and difficult movements, or to technically call them, the eccentric and concentric phases. Take squat as an example. When you lower your body, it’s a more effortless movement than standing up from a squat. Focusing on eccentric movements than concentric movements are found to have more advantages for muscle building.

During an eccentric action, your muscles lengthen and contract simultaneously. Compared to eccentric-concentric workouts, eccentric-centered movements can help build muscle strength and size better. Since you’re focusing on the more comfortable, downward force, you can employ heavier weights that you can’t otherwise manage with concentric weight lifting.

Let Yourself Rest

Rest and sleep are crucial to any fitness journey and imperative for overall health. If you want to gain more muscle mass as soon as possible, pushing yourself past your limits will do more harm than good to your body. What’s worse is you might not be able to reverse the aftermaths of exhaustion.

Therefore, schedule your workout rest days where you’ll still be physically active without engaging in high-intensity workouts. As a rule of thumb, avoid overworking muscle groups on two consecutive workout days. If you worked on your arms and shoulders yesterday, allow them to rest and focus on other muscle groups.

Furthermore, a proper diet and heavy training won’t suffice to build muscle mass. Your muscles need to recover through sleeping, wherein naturally occurring human growth hormones (HGH) are released into the body. To support adequate muscle recovery and repair, always aim to have seven to nine hours of bedtime.

Bottom Line

Efficient muscular hypertrophy is something that you shouldn’t rush. If you’re in a hurry to gain more muscle mass, make sure not to overload yourself as it’ll only result in ineffective and potentially dangerous results.

The golden rules of bodybuilding include challenge and consistency. If you’re not prepared to train hard and consistently, you’re far from achieving your fitness and bodybuilding goals. Before starting any bodybuilding program, conduct your research and take note of these core, essential tips.