5 Powerful Personal Traits You Should Write in your Resume


In today’s every-changing world, employers are requiring more and more of their employees. Employees must possess many skills and traits, so it can be hard to produce a resume that stands out from the crowd. A resume must show potential employers a wide array of skills, work experience, and character traits that showcase you as the best possible candidate for the job. The following five personal traits are some of the most sought-after qualities found on resumes; ones that are sure to get you noticed.


Most jobs require their employees to not only perform multiple tasks, but to prioritize those tasks. By adding in flexibility to your list of personal traits on your resume, you’re telling  your future employer that you are able to adapt to any situation. An employer needs to have workers that can complete tasks on their own, and be able to change their priorities when necessary.

A flexible employee is able to adapt to changes in the company, job, and world. Flexible employees also adapt quickly; prioritizing their tasks properly. They can perform more than one task at a time, work the hours necessary to complete a task, and react to changes in their environment calmly and efficiently. Employers need their workers to be flexible, so that daily changes can always be managed.


No employer wants to hire a person who isn’t motivated. Possible candidates should never be lazy and lack ambition. When you show your future employers through your resume that you are motivated, they will know that you are determined and ambitious. Ambitious employees will always go above-and-beyond the necessary task.

Motivated employees are more positive about their company and career, and typically put more effort into their work. These types of employees are also able to perform tasks on their own, are self-driven, and have a desire to move up in the company. Potential employers know that those who wish to move up in the company have greater motivation to their jobs to perfection.


Ambition and flexibility count for nothing if an employer cannot rely on their employee. Dependability is an extremely important quality in any person, but especially employees. Bosses want to know that they can rely on their workers, and that they are responsible. By adding this trait to your resume, you not only show potential hirers that you can be trusted with company responsibilities, but that you can be relied upon.

Dependable employees show up to work on-time, when they are scheduled, and are always reliable when it comes to communication. They can be trusted to reply to calls and messages, pick up shifts, and tell the truth. They typically have wonderful work ethics, and are typically the first in line to become leaders and managers.


When an employee becomes part of a company, they also represent that company. It is because of this that most employers desire candidates that will represent their company properly. When you tell your potential employer that you are professional, you are assuring them that you will do your best to represent the company well through your appearance, behavior, and work ethic.

In addition to adding this trait to your resume, you must also dress the part. Professional employees dress-to-impress, have great interpersonal skills, and offer up a great interview. These workers conduct themselves as they should at work, always thinking of the company first. Professionals are also ambitious and have integrity. They are friendly, hardworking, and enjoy improving the company.


As stated prior, employers are always looking for potential candidates that can be trusted; who are reliable. They need to trust their company to their employees, so being able to trust them with daily tasks, information, and reliability is essential. When you can show  a hiring manager that you are an honest person and worker, they know you have a key ingredient: integrity.

Honest employees own up to their mistakes, learn from them, and never lie. They  can be trusted to do their work and protect the interests of the company. People who are honest not only keep their jobs, but move up the ladder quicker than unreliable employees. If a company cannot trust an employee with simple tasks, they certainly cannot trust them with more responsibility.


These five personal traits can boost the appeal of a resume, by only using a few words. Employers are always looking for motivated, honest, dependable, flexible professionals to help their company grow and prosper. By putting your best foot forward with your resume first, you may be on your way to your dream job. And if you have any doubts about creating a great resume, consider using professional resume writing or resume formatting services.

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Elizabeth Heron is an HR manager with a particular interest in employee motivation and customer engagement. Her most recent online project is iResumeCoverLetter.com, a site which contains resume and cover letters examples, and also career&education-related tips and advice.
She graduated from master of Journalism and Mass Communication, Kent State University.

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