5 Steps To Managing Misconduct In The Workplace

No matter how qualified or skilled your proletariats are, they might still be inappropriately conducted. Little wonder how high profile workers lose their jobs midway the brink of their career. Mala conducta (Spanish), is a very challenging character exhibited by workers of different cultures. The bourgeoisie only employs a singular process into managing the problem; dismissal but there are other ways to deal with it. It all depends on the kind of misconduct, minor misconduct can be overlooked on the surface but caution is needed to be implemented.

To manage misconduct in your firm, use the following steps:

Organize a meeting

A meeting is very needed in lieu of any kind of misconduct in the workplace and even outside the workplace. Whether an act or behavior would affect the progress of your business, it is yours to judge. If the behavior is minor, you can have an interpersonal meeting with the person to tell their wrongs but when gross, a panel meeting should be set up to decide on the case to avoid any sentimental judgments. This should be your first approach to managing the problem. Whatever comes out of the meeting should be the stand and nothing else should change it.

Hear them out

I have seen many employers jettisoned this procedure. They never listen to their employees. Some workers often get fired for something they know nothing of and at times, it might not have been an intentional act. Dismissing a faithful employee is no good for business. Other employees, seeing your immediate action of judgment without a hear out will view as injustice. You need to always give them a chance to share their side story before any punishment is meted. This will keep the employer/employee communication bridge afloat and it is important for better business output.


This is a very important and crucial step to take in managing misconduct in the workplace. Many offenders have been made to suffer for a crime not committed while the offenders walk freely. You wouldn’t want to suffer the innocent while the guilty walk freely. This is why proper investigation and interrogation need to be taken before an adequate punishment is dispensed. You can employ external services to help in this process. The bourgeoisie usually disregards this part because of the time factor but it is also important that you find the guilty one so you can get rid of the bad eggs in your company.

Employ disciplinary measures

To employ any measure, your employees must be well informed about the company’s rules and policies so as to be in the same lane. In high consideration of the kind of misconduct, employ a similar equilateral punishment to go with. You need to be fair in your judgment and decision, no personal feelings attached. There could be a slash in their remuneration, suspension, probation without pay or half payment, a query et al. It all depends on the extremity of the offense committed. You will be the judge of that. This is supposed to keep them in check. Never let any act of misconduct, no matter how little, be swept under the feet. Dispense judgments squarely to serve as a deterrent to others to desist from the act.

Follow up on employee’s performance

This step is important for proper management. If an employee was let off with a warning, you need to follow up on areas of improvement. Regardless of the kind of misconduct, always check out the performance of a previously charged misconducted employee. Check-in weekly, daily, and monthly but never forget to document the progress. Don’t despise praising or encouraging your employees when necessary. They would want to impress and put more effort into their jobs.  Follow up is good for business and be sure to manage misconduct in your company in no time if you imbibe the aforementioned steps.