Working From Home: Here’s What You Need

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A lot more of us are working from home these days. Whether you were doing this before the pandemic or if you were told to stay at home by your boss because of coronavirus we all need a safe and comfortable workspace. The last thing any of us may want is to have an accident at work while we are in our own homes. With this in mind, First4Lawyers have put together a useful guide to ensure that you have a safe and comfortable workspace when working from home.

A dedicated workspace

You have to make sure you have separate space in your home where you do your work. Ideally you would have a separate office at home, but not all of us are that lucky. If you don’t, make sure you put aside a separate space that you use regularly but don’t try to make a ‘home office’ out of a space that can’t be used for anything else – like a landing or cupboard underneath the stairs. Much better to imagine part of your home, such as part of the dining table, as your home office.

Wherever your workspace is, make sure there are no hazards like loose wires or boxes lying around. Make sure things can’t fall off shelves onto you as well. While your employer should carry out a risk assessment of whether your home is suitable for the type of work you are doing, it is your responsibility to keep it safe. If you don’t you could have an accident at work while at home.

Get the right kit

Your employer should provide you with the correct equipment for your job, the training to use it and they have to maintain it. You should also ensure you get a comfortable chair with neck and head support. The top of your computer should be at your eye level.

Have a window

This is essential to help you keep your sanity. Even if your view isn’t great looking outside will help you think, thus helping you work. Natural light is also really important but if you haven’t got it then you need good lighting as otherwise you might damage your eyesight.

While creating the perfect workspace may take a bit of time it will be worth it in the long run. If you do then you will be much less likely to have an accident in your home office which could leave you with an injury. Overall, you will also be a lot more comfortable and be more productive in your work.


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