How to avoid accidents in the office

accident at work

Working in an office isn’t often seen as a dangerous way to earn a living. So it may surprise you that it is fairly common for accidents at work to happen and the impact on individuals can be devastating. Employers have a duty to ensure the workplace is safe, but that doesn’t stop accidents happening every day. So, what kinds of accidents at work happen in the office and what can be done to prevent them?


Most of us wouldn’t associate falls as being a problem in the workplace, so you may be surprised to hear that you are two and a half times as likely to have a fall in the office than in any other workplace. There are more hazards than you think, including loose or damaged carpet, boxes or files being left scattered around and loose cables. Easy ways to prevent falls are to ensure all pathways are kept clear, fix loose carpet and attach cables to walls.


Although many of us won’t lift heavy objects in the office, even small items can cause neck or back injuries. Ensure you pick up objects from the floor by bending your legs or ask a colleague for help if an item is heavy to avoid accidents.

A bad workstation

Having a badly designed chair or a computer at the wrong height can cause a painful injury. To avoid this ask for an ergonomic chair from your employer and ensure it is adjusted so your back and arms are supported. Take regular breaks to walk around and change positions regularly. Also make sure the top of your monitor is at eye level.

Feeling the strain

If office supplies are stored out of reach and you have to stretch to get them you may well suffer a strain injury. Storerooms are common places for strain injuries to occur, so take extra care when reaching for items there. Other things you can do to minimise risk are to use ladders when getting items that are high up, get up rather than stretching to reach items when sat down and place items you use on a regular basis within easy reach.

Falling objects

When items are stored up high there is always the danger that they could fall off and hit somebody. As a result, you should always avoid storing objects on the tops of cabinets and store heavy items on lower shelves. Also, avoid stacking unstable boxes and materials too high.

Don’t automatically think that just because you are in the office accidents at work don’t happen. Make sure you follow these simple steps to stay safe.