5 Struggles of Someone Who Has Had Breakup Lately

relationship might be on the rocks

If you have ever been through a break-up, then you definitely understand how depressing it can be to lose one’s love. In fact, virtually every London psychotherapist will tell you that break-up problems are among the cases they deal with every day.

Even if the relationship was marred with fights and disagreements, the idea of living without someone you once loved is quite disheartening. Here, we look at five common struggles that you can expect after having a breakup:



 This relationship has been your world, and you just can’t accept that it’s over. No, it can’t be true! You just can’t stand the pain that comes with grieving its end, and hence you postpone the grieving process. Instead, you choose to hold on to unrealistic hope that the relationship can still be saved.



 It has been quite a while and the phone has not rung. The reality starts to sink in, and that’s when fear starts to torment you. You fear that you’ll be lonely forever, with no one to talk to. You start wondering how you’ll make it in this big creepy world without him/her. Talking to family and friends won’t help the situation; you’ll jump into your bed and hide under covers feeling sad, depressed and lonely. You will feel sorry for yourself, with the worries of whether you’ll ever find another person that will love you the way they did.



 You have not moved from that spot in your bed for weeks. All you’ve been doing is crying and thinking about every single thing that you did for your love. You were such a good girl/boyfriend, and you can’t understand why they left you. You get sick of hearing some songs, and you turn the radio off every time such songs start playing. You feel like defacing their pictures and burning them!

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 Depression normally sets in when your mind wanders towards the thoughts like:

  • “There’s nothing left in this world for me to live for”
  • “I’m so worthless”
  • “There is no point in carrying on,” etc.

During depression, you might also feel the need to isolate yourself and spend time alone. This is very normal and should be allowed. In fact, you don’t have to force yourself to anything that you don’t want to do.



 In light of the fact that the pain of break up is quite unbearable, you may manage to convince your ex-partner to give the relationship a second chance. With this, you will temporarily ease the agony of withdrawal. Nonetheless, in spite of your best efforts, you won’t be able to carry the relationship alone, and chances of it ending well this time are also very bright. Unfortunately, you may have to undergo this process of breaking and making up more than once before you completely accept that it is time to let go.



Going through a breakup can be stressful and emotionally overwhelming. However, even though you feel that you’ll never get over the pain and get to enjoy a peaceful life again, you definitely will. You just need to give yourself some time to heal. Never pretend that you’re okay when you actually are not; let your emotions out and deal with them. Otherwise, you’ll worsen the situation. Eventually, you’ll overcome the anger, heartache, tears, and fear, and live to tell the story!


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