‘Brandscape’ Is A New Cryptic Puzzle That’s As Addictive As It Is Challenging!


Think you can recognize 60 of the world’s biggest brands? Brandscape is a new puzzle from Funding Circle that has been completely stumping the internet!

The puzzle features 60 cryptic illustrations that each represent a different major global brand, and it’s up to you to figure them out. Some of them are fairly straightforward – like a king with a burger for a head for example – while others are a fair bit more testing!

brandscape 2



You’re probably far more connected with major corporations than you’d like to think (and hope) you are. Most of us are engaging with these brands all day, every day, through the ads we see, the products we use, and the news we read. These are brands that have a massive influence on how we interact and behave – even if we don’t realize it!

brandscape 3

Even still, that doesn’t make this puzzle any easier! The clues are brilliant; frustratingly difficult and yet once you finally get the answer, they seem so simple.
The game is incredibly addictive! It’s impossible to solve just one clue and not want to move to the next straight away, and before you know it you’re pressed to the screen fighting valiantly to be named a #BrandscapeMaster and earn your spot in the Brandscape Hall of Fame!

brandscape 4


Brandscape Master?

Funding Circle, who created the puzzle, suggests you “delve into your knowledge of film, literature, music, nature and most importantly — questionable puns”, and are encouraging players to hop on their favorite  social media to get help if they’re really struggling. Already, thousands have jumped on Twitter to get a few hints and share their ideas, and a few have already joined the prestigious Brandscape Hall of Fame.

So, will you be the next Brandscape Master?

Give it a go at www.fundingcircle.com/uk/featured/brandscape and let us know how you go!

Images via fundingcircle.com.