5 Tips of Creating a Wedding Registry That Suits Both Partners

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now comes the fun part of planning: a wedding registry. Your wedding registry will reflect you as a couple. The time has come for you to select some items that you know will suit you during the many years to come. It doesn’t matter whether you live together or are moving in together for the first time. Having a registry is an opportunity to blend your tastes, wants and needs.

Many online and physical stores can help you create a wedding registry, but the whole process can be overwhelming, so we’d like to help!

A Registry Should Reflect Anything You Want

A bridal registry or wedding registry is a list of wedding gifts that you wish to be purchased from a particular store. In the registry, there is a list with the items that you selected, like a wish list, and they are available for friends and family to purchase.

Today, a wedding registry can accommodate both needs and desires. Some couples alternatively will register for travel funds or request funds towards a down payment on a home.

Create the Registry Early

When you announce your engagement, what will follow is lots of questions. The guests ask questions because they want to offer support with gifts that you like and need when entering a marriage life.

A registry should therefore not be there to serve you, but help friends and family help you. When you complete your registry early on in your engagement, guests will have a resource to purchase gifts not only for your wedding, but also for your wedding shower and engagement party. It also gives guests plenty of time to find the perfect present for you according to your registry.

Make a List Showing What You Have and What You Plan to Upgrade.

When you both dream about the future, have a conversation with your partner about the things you have, what you want to dispose of and what you plan to upgrade. With the discussion, you can make the list of items you want on your registry. Make sure it’s what both wants.

Make Registration in More Than One Store

There is no limitation to register in one store, but registering at two stores is better so guests have more options to choose from. However, don’t register at too many stores, you might look greedy. When registering, consider what you want and where people live.

When all your guests stay in a common area, you can focus on the local stores where they will shop easily. But when they live all over the country, use online registries and chain stores.

Register For Both Big and Small Items With a Variety Of Prices

You will find that some of your guests will want to spend more than others. Therefore, you don’t have to shy away from selecting some pricey items. But it will depend on what you want. For example, a heavy coffee drinker could register for a high-end coffee maker, but could also register for a more affordable pour-over coffee maker with filters that could be taken on a camping trip. In your registry, you don’t have to include all the expensive stuff only. Be conscious of budgets and include a wide range of price points. You can spread your items in three price ranges for the guests.


You have been receiving and requesting gifts all your life. When it comes to accepting or asking wedding gifts, the process can be simple and benefit all if you follow the guidelines above. It doesn’t matter where you plan to register, but the essential thing is choosing products on your final wish list that fit you and your partner’s needs and have a variety of price points. Make sure to choose stores you love, but also consider your guests and the location of the selected stores.