How to Become a Tech-Savvy Teacher

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Education has evolved with time due to the advancement of technology. There are multiple new skills which teachers need to master in order to keep up with the tech-savvy students. We have listed a few essential skills a teacher needs to develop in order to become a tech-savvy.

Communicate Digitally:

Electronic communication is the most used method people use to communicate. You need to have an understanding of sending E-mails and messages. Learn to use group features on messaging apps and make a group of your students to whom you need to broadcast the same message.

Be Flexible to Change:

Technology keeps changing every day. You need to be open to these changes and adapt to them as and when they come. Embracing such changes will keep you ahead of many others.

Go Paperless:

We all know that use of more paper means deforestation. A tech-savvy teacher is the one who would be all about going paperless. Start using the cloud for assignments. Make your students save their assignments in the cloud.

Online Education and Apps:

In earlier days, we used to have a separate computer lab in schools, nowadays, every classroom looks like a computer lab where each student has a laptop for learning. Learning through apps is widely increasing hence if you wish to be tech-savvy, you need to learn to use these apps. Today’s teachers need to understand these interfaces thoroughly as students are all about e-learning. Especially when it comes to taking extra classes such as Maths, Physics or Chemistry, students prefer online learning from the comfort of their home.

Use Social Media:

Social media is another platform which any tech-savvy person needs to master. It is the future of any field. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube etc, are more than just a medium of entertainment. Making a closed group on Facebook is a great way of being in touch with your class and communicate all class-related activities. YouTube channel can be created to upload subject-related teaching videos. Students can be encouraged to share interesting articles by saving Pins on a common Board on Pinterest. Learning through social media is just endless. If you want to become a tech-savvy teacher, you need to dig deep into this.

Use Digital Assessment:

Technology has made thousands of activities easier and less time consuming than it used to be. One such example is the use of digital assessment. Multiple-choice questions can be easily assessed and marked. Most of the entrance exams use a digital assessment to evaluate thousands of papers. You can introduce this format in your classroom to save time.

Go Global:

Technology has made the entire globe accessible to you through communication. Why teach locally if you can go global. It is easy to communicate and collaborate with other teachers across and the globe and learn from others, this makes you much more knowledgeable.

Being tech-savvy is a very important skill in every job field especially in the field of education where you need to be ahead of your smartphone-addicted students. Technology helps you in using a better approach of teaching which motivates the students and elevates their learnings.