5 Tips For Success At a New Job

Starting a new job is a tough thing for any woman as the fear of the unknown seems to trump the excitement for the new opportunity. Not letting this fear cripple you and leave you  less confident is imperative as first impressions at a new job can be difficult to shed. Take the time to set yourself up for success by making the right decisions during your infancy at a company. The following are 5 tips for success at a new job.

Get In As Early As Possible

Those who have a gym at their office should take advantage and get to the office as early as possible.
Getting your workout done for the day before most people wake up has been shown to boost productivity during the first few hour work. The other advantage as you leave the gym with your snapback on is that you will work uninterrupted during the first portion of your work day. For those offices with a flex schedule you will notice that a majority of the people would rather come in late and leave late as their alarms seem to be snoozed quite a lot.

Ask Questions

There are those people who think that they will impress the staff member training them if they do not have any questions. In fact a good question is better than no questions at all as it makes it seem like you are trying to make the information they have given you applicable. Write down questions that you have daily and send them to the person who is training you. Other questions you have you can have answered by doing your own research outside of work. One mistake many people make is not being aware of the way the industry they are working in is moving. This can help you figure out which skills will be valued most in the next couple of years.

Go To Happy Hour and Lunch

Going to happy hours and lunches you are invited to during the first few months you are new at work is important. This can help you build a social circle and even be seen as a great fit for the company. Refusing to do these things while not inherently wrong can impact what people think about you and that you might not enjoy working with the others on the staff. At the same time during these happy hours make sure to moderate your drinking as the girl who gets too drunk at happy hour isn’t the reputation that you are going to want long term.

Don’t Get Involved With Negative Conversations

There  are going to be people at the new office that will try to recruit you to their group. Some of these groups are just social while others are formed because of the negative things they believe about the company. You do not need to be hearing about how awful a place is when you first start working there. You have the right to be able to make this judgment for yourself. Being associated with these groups can be dangerous for your employment as well. The groups talking negative about a company usually aren’t the people who are in line for a promotion but rather are the employees on the chopping block. Do not be taken down simply because you picked the wrong group to associate with during your first few weeks.

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Remember That You Belong There

One mistake many people make with their confidence is feeling that they aren’t qualified to work at their new company.  This could be from a promotion they received by moving to the company or simply because they worked in a similar but different industry previously. Be confident that you are supposed to be in the office and you have just as much of a right to work there as anyone else. If you are considered intelligent with a good work ethic you should be fine. The ugly truth is that many people you work with are going to be lazy and in some cases they simply will not be intelligent.

As you can see there are plenty of things to think about when setting yourself up for success in a new job. Be proactive about making a great impression and that impression can help you down the line when it comes promotion time.


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