Girl Meets Business Presents: YP Rockstar!

One of my FAVORITE blogs written for young professional females is Girl Meets Business.  LOVE IT.  If you like this blog, you will love GMB. 

The girls at Girl Meets Business emailed me yesterday to let me know about their free e-book, The Young Professional Rockstar: 10 Steps to Rocking Your Career Right Now, which is available for download at  I spent some time reading the e-book and flipping through the pages and it is definitely packed with awesome advice. 

The book starts out with two things I think are really important: get to know the rockstar inside and image.  They also talk about diversifying your income, which is something most of us twentysomethings could use to learn about considering the tough economic times, lack of job security and many of us battling our shoe addiction.

Download the book and follow these rockstars on Twitter @yprockstar!

Ms. Career Girl

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