Cool Career Girl Technology: Eye-Fi

How annoying is it when you are super excited to upload your pictures from the weekend, and then you can’t find your stupid cord ANYWHERE?  I hate it.  I also hate the times when I avoid uploading pictures for weeks at a time and then have to deal with organizing them and waiting for everything to load.

Well fret no more!  Technology just keeps getting cooler and cooler.  Check out the eye-fi: a new way to wirelessly upload pictures and videos to your computer (Mac or PC) or favorite photo sharing community (like Flickr, Picasaand over 25 others) as long as you are within range of a wi-fi network.  The Eye-fi share is $59.99-79.99.

No worries, the whole world won’t see your pics.  You can easily change your privacy settings to your liking.

To make this product even cooler- and perhaps creepier- the Eye-fi Explore ($99) is also capable of  “geo-tagging” your photos.  In other words, it can tell you WHERE you took the pictures!  No, it’s not equipped with a GPS system the size of a tiny memory card.  Instead it uses WPS technology- which is Wi-fi positioning.  It locates you based on the wireless networks surrounding you.


You can “cut the cord” for as low as $49.99 with the Eye-fi Home (uploads photos only to your home computer).

And for you iphone people, there is a free iphone app when you own the Eye-fi too.  (I mean what ISN’Tthere an iphone app for, right?!)

Has anyone tried this yet?  I’m tempted to get it!

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