5 Tips To Moving Out Of A Leased Property


Moving out of a leased property can be both challenging and exciting. Relocating to a better neighborhood or moving into your own apartment can be a fulfilling experience. If you want your move out process to be seamless and without conflict with the landlord, then you must adhere to the tenant’s responsibilities as stipulated in the agreement and leave the property in good condition.

Leaving a leased property in good condition will increase the likelihood of getting back your security deposit and also parting ways on good terms with your landlord.

Here are 5 tips to moving out of a leased property.

Read Your Lease Agreement

Before you do anything, take your time and review the lease agreement.  Every rental agency or property management company has its own requirements and policies, therefore, ensure that you read and understand the specific terms that you agreed to in the lease.

Read all the rules regarding the maintenance obligations and utility transfers. What does the lease say regarding the move out notice? By reviewing your lease contract you will be able to meet the expectations and complete all the tasks within the given time period.

A Move Out Checklist Is Important

A move out checklist is an all-inclusive and reliable document that gives instructions for the tenant on the tasks they are required to complete before they vacate the property. The checklist is very beneficial to both the tenant and the landlord since it reduces the disputes related to security deposit reimbursements.

Ensure that you deliver the property in good condition.  If moving time has become a bit overwhelming, consider using a professional such as Dallas move out cleaning service in order to receive the most of your security deposit.

Give Adequate Notice

You will need to give your landlord a notice to vacate. Depending on the lease you signed, the notice could be either verbal or written. Most lease agreements require the tenant to give notice to the owner 30 days prior to moving out of the property.

If you are moving out before your lease expires, be sure to provide the reasons why you are leaving the property before time and request the owner to cancel the lease or allow you to sublet the property for the remaining period.

Clean Thoroughly

One of the most important things to do when moving out of the leased property is to leave the place sparkling clean. This will ensure that your move out is less stressful and you can avoid the conflicts. Pay special attention to the bathroom, kitchen and other high foot traffic areas such as the entryways. If cleaning your entire house is too overwhelming, do not worry. Melbourne’s expert’s end of lease cleaning is just what you need to transition that old home into a new one without lifting a finger.

Arrange For A Move Out Inspection

Schedule a final walk-through inspection with your landlord before you leave. This will help clear out any misunderstandings that could lead to unnecessary deductions from your security deposit. Conducting a walk through with the landlord will help you remedy damages you didn’t know existed and avoid that unpleasant surprise of not receiving your full deposit back.

Moving out can be stressful, but with careful planning and trustworthy moving partners, your move out will be smooth and successful.