Five Easy Steps for a Successful Bridesmaid Planning

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Well, your dream man popped the question and you said yes! Amidst the butterflies, you totally forgot about the chaos of planning a wedding. From caterers, decorations to the guest list and dress shopping, it seems like the entire burden has befallen you. And on your special day, you should take nothing less than absolute perfection. So we’re here to help you muddle through one big chunk of responsibility, i.e. bridesmaids and bridesmaid dresses. Read through these steps which will make the bridesmaid planning pretty easy.

Creation of the Dream Team:

It all begins with finding your cavalry of bridesmaids. Best friends aside, when you’re picking from your buddies from childhood then keep the drama queens away. Carefully select the ones who love you unconditionally and will be able to handle your bride-turned-demon mode.

This step is important as it will determine how easy or troublesome the upcoming days will be. Certain friends are so well organized that may even take the burden off of your shoulders.


Creation of a dream team must be followed by a meet up with your girls. Here, the brainstorming begins. Your inputs are of paramount importance. However, your bridesmaids must be participative too. So your objectives combined with their ideas may give birth to a fruitful planning session. From plans about bridesmaid dresses to the color of the bouquets, it all must be discussed here.

Take the Help of Technology:

There is no need for you to actually break a sweat when trying to create the attires for your bridesmaids. The advent of technology has blessed us all and with a flick of the wrist, you can try at home. How amazing is that? This is every bride’s dream come through.

One of such easy shopping portals is JJ’s House. From pastels to Goths, this place stores it all. You can even get many inspirational pictures from the internet to help you envision your bridesmaid dresses.

Fittings and Selections:

This is important and requires full attention and cooperation from your bridesmaids. As this is about your bridesmaid dresses,you need the dresses to flaunt the figure of every single bridesmaid. For this to happen, you need to have different styles of dresses. These dresses can belong from the same family of colors, however, having a uniform like homogeneous style is not recommended.

Instead, explore the various different necks and shoulders. You may get some dresses with slits or a halter-neck.

Accessories and Makeup:

Sorting this step makes sure that your bridesmaids are not overpowering you. As well as they’re not being the background noise. The right kind of hairdo and makeup can transform the entire look. It also depends upon the theme of their dresses as well the theme of the wedding.

For instance, a Hawaiian wedding calls for a glowing beach look, while a night wedding could definitely use something sultry yet subtle. You can take inspirations from JJ’s house as well.


Take a breather and relax. It’s true that planning for your own wedding calls for a lot of stressful nights. However, do not forget to have fun at your wedding. Besides, you marry only once (hopefully).