Ten Career Development and Planning Tips for Women

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The business world has proven to be hard on women. Social studies have shown that women still don’t get equal pay for equal work. We are here to help you prevent this gender pay gap while building your career through careful career development.

Tips On Career Development

Start early

When you are studying in university or college, try to make as many useful contacts as possible. Creating your own network enables you to broaden career opportunities. Keep in touch with your collegemates and teachers as they will probably help you find your dream job.


Apply for an internship before graduation. You can learn about your dream job from your colleagues or on the net. This experience gives insights to shape your future goals. If you think of a different career, you can always take an additional course before graduation.

Specify your path

Narrow down a sphere you like the most and make sure you have a proper vision of its career prospects. You should develop certain skills and interest to ensure you are suitable for a particular job. Then seek for the opportunities and prioritize them.

Create your timeline

Employers usually ask you to give an outlook of your life in 5 years. You’re not expected to share all your dreams, but you should provide them with a sound knowledge of your plans.

Consult and compare

Make an appointment for career advice. Even if you’ve got a great plan and it works, a career advisor is something like a personal therapist.

Development and advancing

Clear your needs

It’s a perfect way to become bolder against the odds. Women usually perform as a family supporter and often are the single source of the household budget. Never be shy to suggest ideas, ask for promotion and salary increase.

Extracurricular learning

After choosing your path to follow, it doesn’t mean that you should drop out studying. Always follow the trends and visit conferences.  Lots of extra-curricular activities look good on your resume. At the same time, it saves you from burning out and keeps up your motivation.

The golden rule of relaxation

Hard work pays off, but don’t think that intentionally developing workaholism is a way to success. Proper work and rest regime keeps you sane, creative and ultimately a better person. The key, as usual, is quality, not the quantity of spent hours.


Participate in corporate culture or create one and establish your own rules if you prefer leading a team. However, team work is also a part of successful leadership. Write them down in the list for professional development regardless of your actual future job as it is such a useful skill even for daily life.


Notice a role model within the company or interact with an industry leader. You can also follow some influencers on media to know about pitfalls of their work.

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