5 Ways Businesswomen Can Maintain Healthy Habits

healthy habits

Working in an office can take a significant toll on your physical health. Meeting tight deadlines, sitting hunched over for extended periods, and dealing with frequent stressors all have a pernicious influence when it comes to your wellbeing. Irregular meal times and overexposure to eye-straining blue light can also wreak havoc on overachieving workaholics’ physical health in the long-run.

On the other end of the spectrum, a healthy work environment can positively affect staff mentally and physically. Companies that genuinely value their employees’ overall health tend to display that commitment to their team’s well-being via accommodating office spaces. Besides stocking break rooms with nutritious and reenergizing snacks and implementing frequent break times, promoting optimal work-life balance is critical in maintaining employees’ good health.

As office culture continues to glamorize skipped lunch breaks, junk food binges, and late-nights spent basking in the glow of a computer screen. It’s your responsibility to take your physical health into your own hands. You can combat toxic office culture by taking the following precautions and developing healthy habits.

Carve out time in your schedule for doctor’s visits 

With back-to-back board meetings, carving out time for the annual physical may border the impossible. It is imperative, however, that you make routine medical appointments a priority. Regular checkups are essential for screening, detection, and prevention. Additionally, these annual appointments allow your physician or dentist to monitor existing conditions and scout for potential issues before they reach untreatable levels.

Now that you’ve promoted doctor’s visits to the top of your to-do list, you can schedule a much-needed appointment with your primary care physician. If it’s been a while since your last visit, double-check to confirm that your preferred doctor is still covered under your health insurance policy. If your current employer doesn’t offer medical coverage, you can shop for a health insurance plan online at sites that make it easy to compare, such as AHiX Marketplace.

Eat a healthy breakfast 

Skipping breakfast leaves you running on empty. Therefore, it’s essential to fuel your body with a nutritious, wholesome meal at the beginning of each day. Besides providing you with sustained energy, breakfast can help keep you full and curb cravings. It’ll also deter you from reaching for candy and sugary drinks during the inevitable afternoon slump. Forgoing breakfast is even tied to a higher risk of heart-related death, so make a point to eat a balanced breakfast before heading out the door. If you’re short on time, try sipping a protein-filled smoothie during your morning commute. 

Stay active during the day

Whether it’s lunchtime yoga or an evening jog, making time for short bursts of exercise will drastically improve your health and enhance productivity. Try taking a walk around the office or standing while you tackle your next project. You can even take a call outside for a dose of sunshine and fresh air.

Moving your body will fend off anxiety and fatigue, no matter how you choose to stay active. Even small decisions–like taking the stairs instead of the elevator–can pay off tenfold. Exercise will improve your mood, reduce stress, and benefit your body regardless of your current office environment.

Limit sugar and processed foods 

While the appeal of sweet treats is undeniable, indulging in too much sugar will lead to an energy crash and even more cravings. Healthier snacks–like veggie slices, nuts, and fruit–are much better options that will leave you satisfied. You should also ditch sugary beverages in favor of water and tea. Staying properly hydrated throughout the day enables you to resist unnecessary desserts.

Make time for yourself

Taking breaks for self-care is a surefire way to create a healthier mindset. When you’re incredibly overwhelmed or frazzled, it’s smart to press the pause button and reset. Try going for a short walk around the block, grabbing coffee with a coworker, or browsing social media for a few minutes. Any activity that helps you decompress can work wonders when office life is stressing you out. Scheduling bits of you-time will shake up your routine and put a positive spin on your entire day.

Final word

Don’t allow office culture to steal your sparkle and force you into a zombie-like state. Instead, adopt a put-good-in-get-good-out mentality, and boost your productivity by fueling your body with the sustenance and fresh air success demands.

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