7 Healthy Habits Your Routine Is Missing as a Busy Professional

People spend their entire lives devoted to their careers. It’s rewarding to achieve new professional heights, but the pursuit of excellence can also distract people from taking care of themselves. These are seven healthy habits anyone can and should add to their routine.

Drinking Enough Water

Your job demands your time and energy. You might reach for a third or fourth cup of coffee in the afternoon and an energy drink in the evening. Even though both beverages contain water, they won’t give you the same hydration. Drink water throughout the day, even if it requires alarms. You’ll feel healthier and energized because your body will get all the water it needs.

Incorporating Self-Care

Self-care might be one of the most significant health needs you overlook as an adult. After a long day, you might push through exhaustion to finish some paperwork or get ahead of the next deadline. It’s healthier to try new self-care strategies to reduce your stress and allow your body to recover. 

When your body isn’t fighting constant stress, it functions better and keeps you healthier. Experiment with ideas like journaling, meditation or dancing to recover from your most stressful days.

Getting Enough Sleep

While you’re taking notes on the best healthy habits you need to incorporate into your routine, put sleep at the top of your list. Your body resets and recharges when it has enough time to go through the four stages of the sleep cycle. Aim for seven to nine hours a night so your health doesn’t suffer.

Flossing Your Teeth

Many young people in their 20s and 30s forget to floss or even go to the dentist. You’re more focused on succeeding at work and getting to sleep, but it’s time to make flossing your newest habit.

Speak with your dental hygienist to ask for tips since they double as oral health educators who can demonstrate the best techniques. Flossing will prevent an array of health issues like gum inflammation and decay, making it one of the most critical health habits your routine is missing.

Eating Healthy Foods

Grabbing a quick bag of chips or a caffeinated soda might be the most accessible options when you’re hungry, but they hurt your long-term health. A recent study found that people who increased their processed food intake by 10% also elevated their risk for health problems like cardiovascular disease and cerebrovascular disorders.

It only takes a little processed junk to harm your health. Swap anything with added sugar and artificial substances for whole foods or organic alternatives to start making better choices today.

Exercising Throughout the Week

Many jobs require sitting in front of a computer all day. It takes a toll on your body, even if you hardly notice the hours flying by. Everyone’s different, so there isn’t a certain number of hours or days everyone needs to spend at the gym. Instead, get moving a few times a week and mix up your exercises to benefit from both cardio and weight training. 

physical and mental health

Exercising is one of the many health needs you overlook as an adult, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Commit to three workouts every week to strengthen your immune system and develop your strength.

Putting Electronics Away

You have good intentions when answering that last email before going to sleep, but using electronics late at night exposes your eyes to blue light. It’s known to disrupt your sleep cycle if it’s the last thing you see, but researchers also discovered that it decreased viable eye cells by 50%, injuring ocular surface cells that make vision possible.

Turn your electronics off before or after dinner to preserve your health and improve your nightly rest. You’ll have better long-term vision by disconnecting whenever your phone and laptop aren’t an immediate necessity.

Remember Healthy Habits You Need to Incorporate

These are seven healthy habits your routine is missing as a busy professional, but it’s easy to start them today. Set alarms to remind yourself about drinking water, flossing your teeth and even turning off your phone. You’ll start feeling stronger right away and enjoy your improved long-term health because you began these simple habits.

This guest post was authored by Alyssa Abel

Alyssa is a college and career writer who offers advice on strategies to success. Read more of her work on her blog, Syllabusy.

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