5 Ways To Control Your Bachelorette Party Budget

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Bachelorette trips aren’t just quaint parties anymore. They’re full-blown, social media-ready experiences that tend to break the bank for some attendees. (Think international trips and VIP access at world-renowned hotspots.)

Currently, the median cost of attending a bachelorette celebration hovers around the $1,500 mark. That’s a steep price for many attendees who are part of cash-strapped Gen Z and Millennial generations. A recent Bankrate survey shows that 21% of adults invited to weddings feel a serious budget pinch. An additional 18% of survey participants accepted the reality of using their credit cards to cover the increasing expenses associated with attending these events.

Factors driving the surge in pre-wedding spending

What has caused such a rise in pre-wedding spending? Destination bachelorette parties are one reason. Jetting off to distant locales can come at a cost, with international airfare being historically pricier than domestic destinations.

Another reason for the increase in cost has to do with the extended duration of these events. Not that long ago, the soon-to-be brides set aside “one last evening of the single life” — usually the day before the wedding or rehearsal dinner. Now, it’s not unusual for couples to indulge in a weekend of activities or even week-long trips. 

Finally, there’s a noteworthy shift in the norm. What used to be a simple bar-hopping affair has evolved. Nowadays, numerous brides anticipate a grander spectacle: bottle service coupled with VIP seating at exclusive nightclubs or perhaps tickets to a high-profile concert. 

However, many wedding guests are opting out because the pre-wedding expenses are surpassing their budget margin.

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Mastering the budget

This is your wake-up call to learn how to plan a bachelorette party on a budget. Rather than watch your invite list dwindle, create a bachelorette party planning checklist built around the following strategies.

1. Rally the troops for budget harmony.

In this age of digital connection, consensus is at your fingertips. Designate a savvy point person, perhaps your loyal maid of honor or responsible best man, and gather input from potential attendees. When you clearly understand everyone’s financial comfort zone, you can craft a celebration that fits within everyone’s budget. 

2. Choose a hotel with options.

When it comes to varying budgets, finding a middle ground can work wonders. Opt for a reasonably priced hotel that offers those interested the option to share a room with two queen beds, accommodating up to four guests. This way, they can trim their expenses while you ensure the entire group enjoys a comfortable stay. And if preferences lead to two different hotel choices, that’s perfectly fine, too. 

3. Set aside cash.

To keep those inevitable “extras” from sneaking up on you, set aside a designated amount of cash. This fund can cover various things, such as dining out, exciting excursions, tips, and refreshing poolside cocktails. And if your adventures lead you to a far-flung destination, consider bringing along some foreign currency. This way, you’re well-equipped to stay within your budget and sidestep those foreign ATM fees. 

4. Ride in style with UberXL.

Ditch the paired rides and go for the economical choice: UberXL. With UberXL, you can split the cost of the ride with up to six people. 

5. Embrace individual payments.

The joy of camaraderie can be magnified when financial fairness is at play. Instead of splitting a huge bill evenly, empower guests to handle certain expenses themselves, such as hikes, golf rounds, spa treatments, etc. That way, your guests can tailor their expenses to products and services that fit within their budget. 

In the realm of celebratory finance, frugality doesn’t equate to dullness. By navigating the realm of budget-friendly planning, you can plan a celebration that is both unforgettable and attainable. Use the tips above to plan a fun, celebratory trip for everyone!

This guest post was authored by Melissa Vogel

Melissa Vogel is an avid traveler whose journeys have taken her to seven countries, including New Zealand and The Bahamas. Vogel is passionate about international culinary experiences and has taken many cooking classes abroad. She also loves learning about art and makes a point to visit art galleries and museums along her travel journeys. She’s a business graduate from Georgia Southern University, and when she is not working, she is planning her next adventure.

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