5 ways to work for yourself in 2015

Whether you’re tired of your current job or simply fancy a career change, why not consider working for yourself throughout 2015 and beyond? There are many ways to earn a living without being stuck in the traditional 9-5 slog, so here are five suggestions that might work for you.

  1. Start your own business

If you’ve got an interesting business idea which you believe could make money, pursuing it could be a viable option. Of course, you’ll need everything from funding to determination but if you want to lower the risks of going alone, starting a franchise might be the right option for you. Professional cleaning companies such as Molly Maid, for instance, allow you to control your own future by owning a franchise business in the £1.6 billion plus domestic cleaning industry. Like other businesses of this nature it’s an affordable investment that can yield high returns.

  1. Be a self-employed representative

Companies such as Avon, Ann Summers and The Body Shop are always looking for self-employed representatives to promote and sell their products. By signing up for this kind of role you can be your own boss, work from home, control the amount you earn and yet still have all the support necessary from some of the world’s leading companies. There’s sure to be rules you have to follow, but if a flexible career that will fit around your busy lifestyle is what you’re looking for, this is a good option.

  1. Try freelancing

These days, more and more companies are hiring freelancers of all different specialities. Why? Well, it means they can take advantage of the best talent out there without hiring a full-time employee. This is great news if you’ve got a talent such as copywriting as it means you can look for jobs via sites like Elance or oDesk and work from the comfort of your own home. Of course, freelancing is a dog-eat-dog, so be prepared to sell yourself, meet deadlines and impress people with top-quality work as employers have no obligation to use your services again.

  1. Be an independent contractor

If you have skills that other individuals or companies might find useful, think seriously about becoming an independent contractor – someone who provides a service to another entity under an agreed contract/arrangement. Not only can you pick and choose who you work for but you can also set your own rates, do different things on a daily basis and travel across the country if you feel it’s necessary. Technically, you’re your own boss and can do as you please although if you sign a legal agreement be sure to fulfil your obligations to avoid getting in trouble.

  1. Become a childminder

If you’ve got young kids and can’t bear the thought of being away for them while you go out to work, becoming a childminder could solve a number of problems. Firstly, you’ll get to stay at home with your little ones while they’re still young and will save on nursery fees. Secondly, you’ll make money by looking after other people’s children on a daily basis. There are certain procedures you must go through, however, so look into registering as a childcare provider through Ofsted and changing your life for the better.

Sometimes, working the 9-5 just isn’t practical, particularly if you have kids or are responsible for elderly relatives and such like. While working for yourself has its fair share of risk it can be extremely beneficial and rewarding, so it’s worth looking into these different avenues.

Ms. Career Girl

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