6 Essential Yoga Accessories Every Yoga Practitioner Must Have


To the casual onlooker or perhaps even a beginner, yoga may seem like a form of exercise that you don’t need all that much to get started with. For the most part, this is true, since yoga doesn’t really require any specialized equipment or tools for someone to be able to practice it. In fact, sometimes, you won’t even need a mat at all—all that’s required is yourself, a quiet room, and enough time to focus mentally while going through the motions.  But some yoga accessories can enhance your experience.

That being said, there are some essential yoga accessories that every yoga practitioner must have, especially if they want their yoga sessions to be a bit more immersive, comfortable, and convenient. While you can certainly go as spartan as you like with yoga, we find that having some of these accessories can really improve your yoga experience, especially if you’re just starting out. Definitely consider getting these if you’re just about to begin you yoga journey, or if you’ve got a yoga practitioner in your life that you want to treat to a useful gift or two.

Proper yoga pants

While it’s possible to do Yoga while wearing mostly anything, it will get quite uncomfortable really quickly, especially when it comes to pants. You need something that’s light and airy, while still having enough fabric strength to not rip, especially for postures that require a lot more flexibility. As such, we definitely advise buying clothes that are specifically designed and sold for the purpose of being worn while performing yoga. As for where to buy them, you can do so online, with so many online retailers to choose from these days! To check out some of these yoga clothing retailers, see the list here.

A yoga towel

No, this isn’t the towel that you wipe yourself off with after a sweaty yoga workout session. Rather, it’s a towel that you fit on top of your yoga mat to help absorb your sweat, especially during the more physically-demanding of routines or postures. By having a yoga towel on, you prevent your yoga mat from being a slippery slide that could compromise your balance or posture, which coud then result in a nasty injury. Definitely get one of these especially if you’re a beginner or a heavy sweater.

A yoga block

A yoga block is an indispensable tool for yoga practitioners of all levels. Made out of either cork, wood, or hard foam, this lightweight but chunky brick can add support and extension to certain parts of the body in order to stretch them out more fully in certain poses. They can also help beginners in practicing or refining poses that may be out of their skill or flexibility level at the time.

A yoga strap

A yoga strap is another accessory that, like the yoga block, allows yoga novices to practice poses and movements that may be out of their range of flexibility or skill for the time being. They also help with various other yoga stretching exercises or movements that require additional stability or support. Definitely consider one if you’re having problems with certain postures, or you just want to practice with a bit more confidence.

A yoga mat cleaner

Just like with any other piece of exercise equipment, your yoga mat will need cleaning every now and then. As it also absorbs some of your sweat, it won’t take too long for it to start smelling funky, or sporting stains here and there. As such, you should make sure to get a yoga mat cleaner during your first yoga mat purchase. Do take heed, though, that some mats may not need a yoga mat cleaner at all, and instead only require soap and warm water for a full cleaning. When in doubt, make sure to read your yoga mat’s cleaning instructions before purchasing any kind of cleaner.

Incense sticks

If you want a more immersive and meditative yoga experience, then you can’t go wrong with incense sticks. Having one burning during your postures and routines can really help you get into the yoga mood by making your surroundings smell different than usual. This is highly conducive to getting both your body and mind into the experience. If you don’t like the smell of incense, though, then you can always substitute it with your favorite essential oils or aromatherapy scents.

Yoga accessories for a fuller yoga experience

Like we said earlier, you don’t need to have all these yoga accessories to do yoga. However, having all of the above and using them properly can turn an okay yoga session into a wonderful and awe-inspiring one. Moreover, they can also help you perform the more challenging and difficult postures a bit more safely and reliably. We highly recommend considering these accessories for your next purchase if you really want to get the most out of yoga.