How To Create A Better Office Environment

office environment

There are a lot of studies into business and into productivity and office environment, and there are a lot of studies that talk about the most successful companies, and how they tend to be the ones that have the happiest employees. And why do we think that this is? It does make sense that if you have employees who are happy, then it will make sense that they are more motivated, productive, and creative. If they will be at work and are happy to be there and enjoy what they do, then are often more likely to go the extra mile, simply because they are passionate about what they do and not just because it is expected.

Unhappy employees have been found to be more likely to stay with a company, which can help to keep costs down. And on the flip side, those employees that don’t enjoy their job, and aren’t happy at work, are going to cost more to your business because of sick days, taking time off, being late, and making mistakes on the job. A happy workplace is something that doesn’t just happen by accident, though. It is the product of some physical and intangible changes, that will make a much more happy and harmonious workplace. So here are some of the things that you can do as a leader, to create a much better office environment.

A clean and comfortable space

It doesn’t take a scientist to work out that when you work in an area that is clean, attractive, comfortable, and just overall pleasant, then you do tend to feel much better. This works at home, as well as at work. So making sure that you can create a clean and comfortable environment is such an easy win. Make sure that you mend broken equipment, flickering lights, and a broken air conditioner. Getting something like Steamaster equipment for the office, as well as regular maintenance checks, is really important. Small things can make such a difference, with things like ergonomic furniture, plants, modern equipment, and giving drinks and snacks. Small changes make a positive difference.

Natural lighting

As any photographer will tell you, natural light is what you want. Not only does it help the room to look much better, but there is a really big connection between natural light at work, and how much sleep employees get, as well as their energy levels. So it shows that you will want to increase the natural light, in order to help your employees to have a better work and life balance, with more energy and more money. When your team are better rested, they are going to be more focused, call in sick less, and be more motivated to work.

An open-door policy

If you want to improve the mood with your employees, as well as their overall satisfaction in their job, then it is a good idea, as it will mean that they are much more likely to stay at a job where they feel appreciated and listened to. A simple way to do this, as a manager, is to have transparency between yourself and your team in the office. If your team feel like they are out of the loop with things, or don’t get to know you well, then it can be hard for them to feel motivated to work hard. So having an open door policy can help them to feel comfortable as they know they can ask you questions, are available for comments or feedback, as well as keeping communication open and friendly.

Unique benefits

There are many companies, from Google, Unilever, and Netflix, that have started to give some pretty unique and even considered unusual benefits. Some are even choosing things like unlimited time off, as well as fun break-out areas at work, or free food and on-site gyms. If the former sounds like a bit of a scary thought, then there is actually research behind it.

The research has shown that people who have access to unlimited time off do in fact spend more days at work than those with planned and specific vacation policies. It could be because of the idea around creating your own value system, but people do tend to not take advantage when they are taken care of by their employer; people do step up to the plate. And when you break it down, the way to being productive is getting the work done in a timely fashion, not whether people are in the office or not.