6 Original Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List


Another year, another golf shirt for Dad, right? Wrong! (Sorry, Dad, but I am sure last years gift still has plenty of wear left.) Here are some original gift ideas for everyone on your list. 

  1. Mom: Photos

Mamas are usually the toughest because let’s face it, how will you ever be able to get a present that tops her gift of life to you? Impossible. Thoughtful gifts that make her smile? Possible. Photo inspired gifts will bring back happy memories from times spent together. Maybe you order photos and pop them into frames that suit her taste. Perhaps she is a morning coffee or tea drinker and would love to wake up with a photo mug from her favorite family vacation. Or if all of her recent photos are on Facebook, you could go old school and order a handful of recent ones to start a (non-digital) album #tbt or create a 2016 family calendar.

  1. Dad: Sports tix

We have done golf gadgets. We have done golf shirts. We have done grilling tools and other stereotypical “Dad stuff”. What about tickets to his favorite sports team? If you aren’t sure when he can go, check for gift cards that he can use towards his ticket purchase. Sometimes experiences are better than things or more of the same things each year.

  1. Siblings: ABCs

Some of us have big modern families (I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters!)

A is for Accessories. My sister can rock an elastic headband like the best of them so a couple of months ago when I saw a sparkly headdress that I knew would look beautiful on her at a local boutique, I snapped it up and put it in my gift closet. Side note, there are more super chic ones online and a portion of the proceeds goes towards finding a cure for childhood cancers.

Not a headband girl? #DoYouBangle ? Check out the latest arm candy by founder Carley Ochs at Bourbon and Boweties. One night Ochs fashioned souvenir bracelets for family and friends with some stones she brought back from China by wrapping a gold bangle around a red Solo cup. Seemingly overnight, the name Bourbon and Boweties was born. Now, these are made in America by proud southern hands (but the semiprecious stones, geodes, smokey quartz, lava stones, shells, turquoise, jade, polished coral, peruvian opal, agates and many more natural stones are hand selected from all over the world!)

B is for Books. As a voracious reader, I love books (cough cough Santa, Autobiographies are my fave cough cough) and believe a book is a timeless gift. Once you know your sibling loves history, guns, fitness, the environment, art, etc., you are a few clicks or one bookstore errand away from selecting the perfect addition to their nightstand.

C is for Camera (stuff). Do a little recon and find out what kind of camera (if any) they have. Once you know, you can grab accessories they may need – a new case, tripod, fancy lens, mount kits, or whatever else you believe will help them better capture their life moments.

  1. Significant other: (hmmmm tbh, idk I am single…jk) Symbolic Gifts


You could make a dinner reservation for the place you had your first date. Find something in their favorite team’s colors and pair it with a customized tumbler with their name (or your nick name for them) on it. If none of this sounds quite right, gentleman, we love jewelry and ladies, he loves anything you get him…alright fine…if you must have 60 great  ideas for your man, Real Simple has you covered.

  1. Coworkers: Home accents

Anthro has the full spectrum of gifts from beautiful ornaments to adorable planters scattered throughout their house and home collection.

  1. Everyone else: Fancy Chocolate

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