7 Great Ways for Professionals to Volunteer in 2022


Volunteering is a great way to give back to others. It’s also a chance to form personal and professional relationships. With COVID-19, this may seem a little more challenging. Here are some of the best ways to volunteer in 2022.

Participant in Wildlife Conservation Programs

These programs help protect wildlife from environmental changes. As tourism grows, people continue to pollute the beaches with plastic waste. This ends up in the ocean and harms marine life. Also, the construction of new hotels and houses leads to deforestation.

There are environmental programs available in places like Thailand or Costa Rica. You’ll learn more about animal habitats and conservation techniques. As part of the marine program, you help clean beaches and encourage people to use less plastic.

You can also join eco-friendly nonprofits such as Greenpeace. Becoming a board member is one of the best volunteer ideas for professionals. Keep in mind this is a long-term commitment but allows you to gain network connections.

Teach English Abroad

Teaching is one of the best ways for professionals to volunteer. There are many areas where kids don’t receive proper education, such as SouthEast Asia. You can make a difference by teaching children to read, write, and understand English. You also improve your professional skills while exploring a new country. These programs are available in a variety of locations such as Costa Rica and South Africa.

Volunteer at Rural Hospitals

Not all countries have the medical supplies or services they need. These underdeveloped countries include places like Tanzania and Kenya. People in these areas don’t have enough doctors or medical facilities. In fact, only 9% of the nation’s physicians practice in rural areas. By working in rural hospitals and health care facilities, you make a direct impact on the patients. Programs such as The Real Uganda are good volunteer ideas for professionals.

Help Build Up a Community

If you enjoy working outdoors, participate in community development projects. These often include tasks such as building homes or schools. During your time, you will learn about a different culture and lifestyle.

To find these opportunities, you can join your church’s mission trips. For example, the Society of Missionaries and Senders (SAMS) built a new home for hurricane victims in Honduras.  You can also find opportunities through online sites such as Volunteer Encounters. These projects are offered in areas like South Africa, Brazil, and Portugal.

Serve the Homeless

With the financial strain of 2020, there were 580,466 people experiencing homelessness. So, 

soup kitchens are great places to help out. It showcases how much you value your community. You can help with food preparation or service. For those who visit the kitchen, it may be their only meal that day.

Volunteering also gives you a chance to connect with members of your community. Besides just helping at a soup kitchen, you can also visit homeless shelters. Here you can cook food, clean rooms, or engage with the people.

Visit a Nursing Home

During the lockdowns in 2020, many people were isolated from family members. This was especially difficult for seniors in nursing homes. With social distancing guidelines, some of them are still experiencing loneliness. In fact, only 5% had visitors three or more times a week.

So, visit your local senior center to help brighten up someone’s day. Your responsibilities may include entertaining or assisting residents. You may even be able to host events like Bingo.

Offer Your Skills for Free

Using your skills to assist others is one of the best ways for professionals to volunteer. Many non-profit organizations don’t have the money to build a website. Therefore, if you have writing skills, offer to redesign their site pro bono. This is a good way to give back while building up your resume. Another idea is to tutor or mentor students. You can promote your tutoring services on social media.

How to Give Back in 2022

With the tough year of 2020, everyone could use a little help. Volunteering can make an impact on your community and even the environment. Therefore, review this list of the best ways to volunteer in 2022 and get started today.

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