The 5 Things That Happen When You Volunteer

I know with work and school and family and friends and relationships and #SideHustle there are many ways to spend your time and many people with which to share it. If you are considering giving back, here are 5 things that happen when you volunteer.


1. You learn new things.

When I was locked in a giant bird-cage (and for those of you who read my Overcoming Conflict, post, this is quite the emotional triumph over my ornithophobia), I learned about repairing habitat, rehabilitation for injured birds, and about the mission of the organization. (Whilst bonding with my fellow Young Professionals Group volunteers, I also discovered that if you just ignore the birds and continue repairing their roof, they will not fly around or make loud noises. WIN.) 




2. You make friends.

Last night at dinner a friend was asked one of my favorite relationship questions, “How did you guys meet?” “We were both volunteers at an event handing out programs,” she replied. They are still together, and that was over a year ago.




3. You improve someone’s life.

Let this one really sink in. Savor it. It’s awesome!




4. You inspire other people to improve someone’s life.

One of my colleagues is a volunteer at a local animal rescue organization. A fellow coworker contributes to a childhood literacy program. A third teammate has partnered with an organization to help victims find their voice and reclaim their purpose. My company shares these wonderful merits on our internal blog and social channels. I believe that it not only boosts awareness of these organizations, it also inspires our audiences.




5. You get healthy.

Volunteering is excellent for you mentally and socially. It prevents certain risk factors of depression and can boost your self-esteem and confidence. Not to mention, if your work involves physical strength, it’s also a great workout!

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