Are Your Expectations Realistic?

I’m currently taking a three-week workshop with an amazing psychologist who has really opened my eyes. I enrolled myself in the course initially because of my hot temper and figured I could use to learn a few things. It turns out that this class has pointed out so many things I never thought about before.

My favorite lesson so far has been to let go of unrealistic expectations. This applies to almost any situation you are in whether it is in regards to a friend, co-worker, significant other or even standards you place upon yourself. If you wake up each morning with a pre-defined “blue print” in your mind of how the day or even a situation is going to go, I promise that you will end up being disappointed.

Saying things like “my boss should realize how hard I’m working” or “my boyfriend should know that I want/need this if he loves me” is probably going to lead you to disappointment. Another example that pertains especially to women is thinking we need to please everyone at all times. Give it up before you go insane sister.

So, if you are feeling disappointed, down or angry about a situation today, I challenge you to stop for a minute and write down the triggering event which made you mad, and then write down what your expectations were before going into the situation. I bet you will find that you may have been holding on to your expectations way too rigidly!

Ms. Career Girl

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