7 Healthy Home Habits To Adopt When You Move Out For The First Time

moving relocate for your job during COVID-19

When you’re moving out of home for the very first time, your head and heart are full of promise, as you vow to make this the very best experience of your life, and as you dream of enjoying a sumptuous and healthy breakfast every day at home, and spending your weekend vacuuming for hours to keep your abode spotless. Fast forward a mere few weeks and the only number you’ve called all weekend is the pizza delivery guy, and the only vacuuming you’ve done is sucking up nachos like they were going out of style. Your breakfast routine consists of Cocoa Pops out of the box and you can’t remember the last time you cleaned under the couch. My, how the mighty do fall!

But, rest assured, this tale of woe need not be yours, because there are some healthy home habits you can adopt before you set out into the world and move into your own place to ensure that you keep up a healthy lifestyle. Never fear, it’s no easy task keeping your home beautiful, but with the right kinds of habits in place, you’ll be set for success before you even get house movers in Melbourne to help you with the move.

Make your bed every day

When you wake up in the morning, you need to ensure that you make your bed. Not only do people who make their bed every day feel happier and more productive, they also enjoy coming home to a made bed and being able to slip into the covers of a made bed every day. How good is that?

Put your clothes away

When you have finished work and come home to get out of your work clothes, it can be tempting to leave your clothes on the floor where you have thrown them. Instead of doing this, it’s far better to actually pick your clothes up and put them away as you go, because this will ensure that it’s easier to keep clean in the long run. Putting your clothes away is just one more step to take in a very tidy home.

Clean as you cook

When you are cooking your dinner, there is a lot to think about and a lot to do. There are pans sizzling steak, and there are pots steaming your veggies. The last thing you probably want to think about is all the washing up that you are going to have to do, but if you think about it as you go, will have less to do when you finish, which means that you’re more likely to keep your kitchen clean. Cleaning as you cook is a great habit to get into, and is one that is followed by the top chefs in commercial kitchens worldwide.

Put away dishes

In addition to cleaning as you cook, you need to make sure that after you have done the washing up that you put the dishes away in the cupboard. Yes, yes, this seems like a little bit of an overstatement, but then check with any share house around the world and you’ll find that one of the biggest concerns is the washing up! This is simply because people seem to have an aversion to putting away dishes. Don’t be one of those people. Put the dishes away. You’ll love yourself for it.

Wipe surfaces regularly

Again with the seemingly obvious tips, but then you’d be surprised how many people don’t wipe surfaces regularly.  All you need to do is at the end of the night is arm yourself with a Chux and a bottle of spray and get at the kitchen benches.  You’ll be far less likely to suffer an invasion of ants or any other kind of creepy crawly.

Don’t procrastinate

One of the biggest problems facing people in keeping the house clean is the procrastination in doing so. If you live on your own, it’s good to make some kind of roster for yourself, so that you keep yourself honest. If you live in a sharehouse, make sure that you do your fair share of the chores lest you face the wrath of your housemates.

Straighten up the house before bed

Our final tip for keeping the house clean is to go around before bed and tidy up anything that may have been left lying around. Grab any dirty clothes or items that don’t belong in the living room for example, and place them back in their rightful place. That way, when you wake up, you don’t take any of yesterday’s mess into today.


Good luck with keeping your home clean!