Forget Dog the Bounty Hunter – How About You the Bargain Hunter?

Coming across a genuine bargain is a hard thing to do nowadays. Here’s the reason why – people are getting there before you. Nepotism is to blame for a lot of the good stuff being taken away before it hits the general public, but more often than not it’s down to you not being on-the-ball. Do you know where to really look for the best deals? Chances are you’ve been kidding yourself all along…

Look For Speling Mistaykes

Typing errors can sometimes come in handy. If you are looking for a branded product, head over to sites that can detect when somebody has made a spelling mistake on their listing. Auction sites are the best at offering you genuine steals, as those interested in purchasing a branded product usually know how to spell the name correctly. It leaves those who are trying to sell it a bit less well-off than they had originally hoped when you bag a bargain. It pays to spellcheck (literally), so if you yourself are making a listing then always triple-check to ensure it’s the correct spelling.

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Use Your Social Media

It’s the Hashtag Generation, so use them wisely. Join selling pages and groups and use the search function to the best of your ability. You will find that people are more likely to be selling on apps such as Facebook and Instagram as they will not have to pay a fee to put up the item, and more often than not target a single area (such as the one they live in) so that the buyer can collect. We all hate an add-on postage fee!

Never Pay Full

There are sites out there which can point you towards codes and coupons which can save you quite a bit, if you pick the right deal. Not only will they save you money on what you had set your sights on, but they can help out on the lesser thought about things that you would be spending your money on; bills, insurance and household products, rather than luxury items that you are looking to knock a bit of cash off. Always compare and contrast with what offers may be live on the websites at the time, and always take the time to read the terms and conditions of the virtual coupon that you are using; it may be that whatever you are wishing to purchase in the sale is not covered by any additional vouchers to knock off some more money. Sites such as DontPayFull will be able to point you in the right direction.

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Ask Around

There is nothing more powerful than word of mouth; if you tell somebody that they want it, they will either keep hold of that information and remember it when they see it or will pass it around as soon as you’ve told them. Either way, think of them as metaphorical meerkats, always on the lookout for what you yourself as looking for. Just make sure that they’re not on the hunt for the same thing that you are – it could prove disastrous if you find it at the same time!



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