7 Tips to Motivate You in the Morning

Let’s get real: Mornings can be rough.

This statement is especially true if a) it’s Monday morning, b) the morning was preceded by a late night out or c) the happenings of the day ahead will be less than enjoyable.

But in order to maintain a job and continue to climb the professional ladder, getting out the door on time in the morning is an absolute must. If your morning routine isn’t as productive as it needs to be, it’s time to update it. If you’re not sure where to begin, but know your mornings need a makeover, consider the following tips.

1. Pick Out Your Clothes the Night Before

Believe it or not, the advice your mom gave you in middle school still rings true. Choose an outfit and lay out every piece of it before you go to bed. This will completely eliminate the madness that comes along with deciding what to wear in the morning, leaving you with more time to get everything else together.

2. Go To Bed a Little Earlier

If you’re rushed mornings are primarily caused by the love-hate relationship with your snooze button, an earlier bedtime can put this issue to rest. Turning in earlier will give your body more time to rest and help you to wake up the first time your alarm goes off (or maybe the second).

3. Shower First

Women often waste precious time (and precious energy) blow-drying their hair every morning. Instead of showering mid-morning and then drying your hair, shower as soon as you wake up. Give your hair time to air dry before using your blow dryer. Not only will you make your mornings more efficient, you will also give your hair a break from damage caused by excessive blow-drying.

4. Minimize Your Makeup Routine

If you have an intense makeup routine, you’re likely wasting precious time in front of the mirror every morning. Spending large amounts of time applying creams, powders, gels and polishes can turn any morning routine into a huge production, causing unnecessary lateness. Instead, try to minimize your makeup routine, only applying the absolute essentials.

5. Plan Your Weekly Breakfasts

You’ve probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Instead of eating a power bar on your way out the door or buying a breakfast sandwich on your commute, make breakfast a part of your morning routine. Don’t have time to make a gourmet breakfast? Try to give yourself healthy alternatives by, for example, preparing a fruit assortment or egg quiche the night before.

6. Prepare Your Lunches the Night Before

Packing your lunch in the morning – especially if you require a good salad and sandwich combo to get you through the day – can be a huge time-suck in the morning. To avoid this, prepare as much of your lunch as you can earlier in the week. This can mean making soup to last you all week, individually packing nuts, dried fruits and other snacks or making pasta salad to eat all the way through Friday.

7. Get Organized

Nothing causes frazzled and stressful mornings quite like disorganization. Not being able to find your cell phone, a matching pair of shoes, your eyeliner or your car keys can cause you to waste valuable time in the mornings. To avoid this fiasco, make a space on your counter, in your purse or your bathroom vanity for all of the items you need, so you’ll never have to search for them.

It’s time to put the days of running out the door with wet hair and a stale muffin for breakfast behind. Instead, make simple organization and time management updates to your morning routine. This will transform your mornings, eliminating the chaos that ultimately leads to lateness. Simple tweaks, such as packing your lunch the night before or showering first-thing, can save you time in the morning – and save you the embarrassment of always being late.

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Kayla Matthews

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