Make it a Great Week!

Happy Monday!  Today is the start of the last full week before many of us go out of town for the rest of the year, which means it has to be a super productive week at the office.  I’m sure many of you feel the heat of hitting Q4 goals, tying out the year end financial statements, or dealing with clients who need extra attention at this time of year. 

Thanks to a few of my Twitter friends, here are some tips to help you rock your week so you can enjoy the Holidays without feeling guilty.  Thanks Zach, Allie and Jessica

·        Take some time to plan out this week’s task and project list on Monday morning so you have a clear vision for the week.  Clear up any issues from last week so you have a fresh start.

·        Avoid spending too much time on high maintenance clients who are a detour to your productivity.

·        Put your Crackberry away.

·        Take advantage of Tuesday.  It is said to be the most productive work day of the week.

·        Don’t check your personal email first thing in the morning.  All those forwards, you tube videos and interesting articles may end up wasting hours of your day without you even noticing.

·        Work your day in blocks.  Close your email and send calls to voicemail if possible to focus on the tasks at hand.  Give yourself a limited amount of time to finish a task and move on.  This is especially great if you work well under pressure or have a case of ADHD like me!  You can look forward to the small break after that time period is up and be proud of yourself for actually finishing something before jumping around to the next.

·        Have a great attitude.  Research shows that productive workers are happy workers.  You will feel much better when you just get it done than you will when you put things off.

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