7 Top Self Defense Tips For Women

Self Defense Tips For Women

The following is a guest post by Nick Drossos.  His bio follows.

Over 600 women are victims of rape every single day in the United States, and this accounts only for the actual reported rapes, the real number definitely being substantially higher.

The biggest misconception that women have is that it’s never going to happen to them, that they are somehow different, protected and immune from attack.  They see it happen on the news, muggings, rapes, murders, and consider these unfortunate events as isolated and truly believe that only certain types of women are more vulnerable than they are.

Relying on others, whether it is the police, a neighbor, your spouse or friends, greatly reduces your power and defers the responsibility of protecting yourself to someone that will usually not be there when disaster strikes. These are the seven top self defense tips that can make a difference between life and death.


Your body language matters… a lot

55% of your communication with others is the result of your body language.  Meaning, without you even saying a word, a  attacker can detect a potential victim just by observing them.  You should therefore use your body language to your advantage:  walk with you head up, chest out, with a firm, energetic step, exuding confidence that will send a clear message that you are not someone to be messed with.


Take your earphones off and stop texting

Walking with confidence is great.  But you’re not helping yourself by having your noise cancelling headphones on while you are texting and walking. As a working women juggling many things, you may simply be caught up in your thoughts and not being in the present moment. When  you walk out of your house, take the time to observe your surroundings and reduce distractions to a minimum.


Trust your intuition

Years ago, I worked with a woman who was attacked in the street and she shared with me that moments before the attack, she had a strong sense that there was something wrong, but she dismissed that feeling and walked right into that situation.  You have no idea how many times I’ve heard similar stories.  Point is:  if your intuition is telling you something is wrong, follow it. Do not let your mind convince you otherwise.


Embrace your fear

You will be afraid. Fear is an inevitable feeling that you cannot escape, and the more you resist it, the more paralyzing it becomes. Nothing is more panic inducing than being in a situation where you have no idea what to do or how to react. The more you learn, train and practice self defense, the easier it will be for you to embrace and use your fear, instead of allowing fear to control you.


Finesse won’t cut it

You have to keep it simple. The delusion that you will neutralize your attacker with a back spinning kick, a powerful punch or with an armbar is a very dangerous fantasy. These things may make sense in theory, but they rarely work in real life situations. Add to this that in a high stress situation, you lose your fine motor skills.  So trying to poke your assailant in the eyes with the tip of your fingers is a very unlikely scenario.  Using your palms, hammer fists, elbows and knees is your best bet at a successful defense.


Hit him where it hurts

Aim big and hit big: striking the head or groin area are the easiest targets to aim for. Use your nails, handbag, umbrella, rip into his face, pull his hair, scream, and even bite if you have to. When survival kicks in, there are no rules, and anything goes.  The more savage your response, the more likely you will set doubt in your attackers mind.


When in doubt, run!

Remember your objective: returning home safely to your family.  This means there is no valid reason to play hero and risking your life. The very moment you see an opening to run, you take it. Every time.

Nick Drossos

Nick Drossos is dedicated to teaching self-defense that will keep you and your loved ones safe from any violent conflict. His advice will teach you how to defend yourself against physical, verbal and psychological attacks. Whatever your age, gender or fitness level, you too can benefit from Nick’s self-defense strategies.

Nick is a veteran of countless real violent confrontations. He has been sucker-punched, threatened with a knife, held at gunpoint – you name it. He uses all his vast experience to teach simple and effective ways to defuse a potential conflict or go pre-emptive when necessary.

Nick has done Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Senshido, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Boxing and Kickboxing, and worked in night clubs for 7 years as a bouncer (Kokino, Wax Lounge, Buddha Bar, and Funky town). He has also worked as a bodyguard for high profile clients, and done private security during large-scale events, such as the Just for Laughs Festival.

Mr. Drossos is also certified by CanFitPro as a personal trainer and has acquired TRX, KettleBell Academy, Fitness Kickboxing and YogaFit certifications. He presently trains celebrities such as Sugar Sammy and Gouchy Boy, and has worked on various film sets.

Self Defense Tips For Women

For more information on women’s self-defense, visit us on https://selfdefense.nickdrossos.com/wsd-seminar



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