8 awesome things to do at 3am

Insomnia can be a pain but there are plenty of things to do that can help you stay sane and even sleepy so you can get some rest before the day ahead.

Here are eight awesome things to do when your clock tells you it’s 3am and you’re still not ready to sleep:

1. Worry

Got nothing better to do at 3am? Well wouldn’t it be awesome to lie in bed and think about every tiny thing that went wrong that day? Like when you brushed the barista’s hand at Starbucks when you took your coffee that morning or when that weird guy on the bus caught you trying to take a picture of him to show your friend when you got to work (always turn your flash off people).

2. Knit

Take up arm knitting. Yes, it’s a thing. Plus it will mean Christmas presents are sorted – everyone gets a matching scarf.

3. Bake

Whip up some cupcakes, be sure to bake so many you can take them to work the next day – but please be careful when using the oven if you are a little sleepy. Or to save yourself from burns make a cake in a mug. But be warned; once you know how to do this you can never stop.

4. Colour

Colouring books don’t just have to be for kids. Grab a pack of crayons and enjoy being a kid again, it’s one of the most therapeutic things you can do and you’ll also notice that now you’re older you’ll try your best to colour everything correctly and stay within the lines. Be a rebel, make the sky pink.

5. Shop

There are lots supermarkets that stay open for 24 hours nowadays, pay a visit to one of these at 3am and get creeped out in the aisles. But also, enjoy how pleasant shopping is without screaming children, people who can’t steer trollies and those who stand in your way staring at a shelf, unable to make their minds up.

6. Write

Have you always wanted to write a novel? Start a blog? Continue writing your University dissertation into a theoretical book? Why not start at 3am? You don’t even have to leave your bed, just switch your laptop on and go. Alternatively you could just start planning in a notebook and when you do finally fall asleep and wake in the morning you’ll look at your notes and think you’re a genius.

7. Stalk

Curious about what your old classmates are doing now? Get on Facebook and start scrolling.  Maybe that extremely popular kid has gone grey early and quiet Thomas who spent his time in maths sketching became a successful graphic designer. See who else is on Facebook Messenger at 3am. Choose someone you never speak to and send them a picture of a cat. Quickly hide that you’re online. Imagine how confused they are. Laugh. Repeat with other strange acquaintances.

8. Play Classic Games

Some of your all-time favorite classic card games and board games are available to play online. So, if you’re up at 3 am in bed and you need to pass the time, consider going to an online gaming website on your phone to play something new. For example, if you’re not familiar with cribbage, you should definitely read up on the game and give it a try. You can play cribbage for free so you don’t need to buy a deck of cards or a cribbage board and you can play anytime. There are guides on the websites to help you learn how to play and different strategies to win as well.

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