8 Reasons to Buy a Lab-Grown Diamond

Colors of Diamonds colors of diamonds

Diamonds have been a symbol of eternal love for a hundred years. When it comes time to propose to your special someone, you probably imagine putting a diamond ring on their finger. However, traditionally mined diamonds have a negative humanitarian and environmental impact. 

By choosing lab-grown diamonds for your engagement ring or holiday gifts this season, you’ll know that your jewelry came without an additional cost to human life or the planet. Here are eight reasons to add sparkle and shine to your life with ethical lab-grown diamonds. 

Anatomically Identical to Mined Diamonds

The Federal Trade Commission defines a diamond as “a mineral consisting essentially of pure carbon crystallized in an isometric system.” Whether the diamond has been mined from the earth or created in a lab – it will maintain this same structure. 

Its point of origin is the only difference between a mined and a lab-grown diamond. Lab-grown diamonds mimic the process that occurs within the earth to pressurize carbon to form the crystal structure. In contrast, miners must excavate diamonds from deep beneath the ground.

Lab-grown diamonds will remain imperfect, just like mined diamonds. They will be ranked on the same scale of color, cut, clarity, and carat weight scale.

Sparkle and Shine 

Since lab-grown diamonds are identical to mined diamonds, they have the same sparkle and shine. The naked eye cannot distinguish between a mined and a lab-grown diamond. 

Even a seasoned gemologist could not tell the two apart without special equipment. Once they peer under a microscope, a small inscription would become visible, noting the lab in which the diamond originated. 

Easier to Produce

It takes billions of years for a diamond to form within the earth. A lab can mimic this process in less than a month. Labs use chemical vapor deposition or high pressure, high heat to turn a diamond seed into pure carbon. 

These will be raw diamonds that will then be cut and polished to resemble the jewel you are familiar with. 

The Ethical Choice 

Not only do mined diamonds take ridiculously long to grow, but they require labor to excavate them from deep within the earth. Miners are typically underpaid and have excessively hazardous working conditions. Some mines even employ child labor. Mines in Africa, for example, are home to 65% of the world’s diamonds. Miners are typically underpaid and have excessively hazardous working conditions. Some mines even employ child labor. 

The Kimberly Process attempts to regulate “blood diamonds,” however, since diamonds typically change hands a minimum of eight to ten times, it can be nearly impossible to determine an ethical origin. 

Lab-grown diamonds will always have an ethical origin. You won’t have to worry about unethical labor practices or any conflict associated with your engagement ring.  

Better for the Planet

Not only do these mines have a high cost to human life, but they also damage our planet. The Diamond Council of America estimates that 250 tonnes of the earth are shifted for each carat of diamond excavated. 

Creating these mines causes significant damage to natural ecosystems around the world. Mines discharge toxic chemicals into the water supply. Most mines use diesel to fuel equipment, emitting greenhouse gasses that contribute to global warming. 

Lab-grown diamonds are made more sustainable. When shopping for a lab-grown diamond, look for companies like VRAI, which uses 100% renewable energy to grow their created diamonds. 

Lower Cost, so You Can Afford More Carats 

Since lab-grown diamonds require less labor and exchange hands fewer times, they have a lower price tag than mined diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds typically cost about 40-50% less than mined diamonds. 

Choose a larger diamond for your fiancé’s ring! Since lab-grown diamonds have a lower price point, you can get better color, clarity, and carat for your money. Get even more for your money by choosing a cut like an emerald or cushion, which typically has a lower price point since these cuts waste less of the natural stone. 

Easier to Browse Online 

Since the labs where the diamonds are grown are highly controlled, you can trust the photos you see online when browsing for jewelry. Many online jewelry sites allow you to build a custom ring for your fiancé. 

While lab-grown diamonds will still have imperfections and inclusions, you can trust that the photos will match the item you receive. With many brands embracing lab-grown diamonds, you will undoubtedly find something spectacular. 

Diamonds as Unique as You 

Lab-grown diamonds can be cut in any style you desire. Choose a color, cut, and carat to symbolize the unique love you share with your partner. You can rest easy knowing you made a sustainable and ethical choice when you get down on one knee and promise forever.