8 Self Care Ideas for Women in Business

Running a business is stressful. Female entrepreneurs tend to take on many responsibilities especially when managing the home and business. It’s important to manage those stressors regularly, but to also practice regular self-care. For some, this is just about creating daily habits and routines that give them time to step away from demanding tasks, for others it’s about personal care, and for yet others it’s about setting aside time for regular trips.

Take a Trip

A weekend getaway to the beach or the mountains is an excellent way to refresh, unwind, and feel great. A trip can rejuvenate your mind, help you get fresh ideas, and give you much needed rest. When you run a business, it’s easy to forget to take time off. Even if your trip is part work and part play, a trip is an excellent way to practice self-care.

Get a New Hairstyle

It’s amazing how a new style can help a woman feel amazing. Many women love the ease of shorter haircuts, while some love the simplicity of hair braiding, and still others love the look of long, flowing locks. Pick a style and then get it done. Even when you travel, you can easily find a stylist or hair braiding in Washington, D.C., Houston, or wherever you go. A new hairstyle is the perfect self-care habit.

Go to the Spa

Some people love the spa, others hate it. Studies show that a massage can help increase positive endorphin and reduce stress hormone in your body. The spa is simply a place to get pampered a bit before you go back into the daily grind of building your business empire. There are other experiences to have at a day spa. Some women go for the skincare options as well.

Walk Daily

It’s important to keep your body moving. One of the challenges women who work their businesses from home experience is that they don’t always get enough activity in. Feeling tired? Get up and walk. Need inspiration? Get your blood moving. A brisk walk on a treadmill or around the block is a simple way to get the blood pumping and to keep your mind sharp.

Go Hiking

Take a longer break and find a trail near you. A hike in the woods or somewhere in nature is a perfect activity to help you with self-care. The activity and the environment are both important. Being in nature can improve your mental state. So time spent walking in the woods is perfect to relieve stress and give you a boost.

Cultivate Healthy Sleep Habits

This seems like a no-brainer, but working on your phone or computer into the midnight hours is one of the worst ways to take care of yourself. Set a specific bedtime and work backwards an hour or two. Use that time to get ready for bed. Whether you use it to organize yourself for the next day, wind down with a shower or bath, use music and dim lighting to set the tone, and go to sleep. The blue light from technology too close to bed interrupts sleep. Healthy sleep gives you the energy and mindset you need to

Eat Healthy Foods

Junk foods are delicious, but they can also lead to more stress in the long-run. Too much sugar can tax the body and leave women run-down and prone to illness. This, on top of the strain of running a business is not the best combination. It’s best to eat foods that nourish your body and give you natural energy. Colorful fruits and vegetables, lean meats, drinking water and avoiding processed sugar are some of the simplest healthy eating guidelines you can follow.

According to this dentist in Wayne NJ, you should also complement a healthy diet with regular health checkups. Doing so will ensure that you’re physically healthy.

Read a Book

Not just any book. Find a book to read for fun. Business leaders already know the value of reading to learn and grow, but they sometimes miss out on adventures and excitement they can explore through books. A good story can ignite the imagination and spark creativity that spills out into everything you touch.

Women are notoriously bad at prioritizing their needs. It’s vital for female business owners and entrepreneurs to set aside time to take care of themselves first. This will help them show up in powerful ways for their business, their friends, and even their families. Self-care isn’t optional, it’s essential. 

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