How to Add Personality to Your Office


So many workspaces are uninspiring and filled with the main idea of function. You are not a robot, and your workspace should reflect the energy and passion you bring to your job.

Give your office a real personality, and let people feel welcomed by the vibe of your environment before they set foot inside. You’ll also see a major boost in your mood and productivity because your office shows off the true you. Let your office shine with your vibe!

Relationship Building: Frame Your Family and Friends

Nothing is more personal in an office space than displaying framed photos of loved ones. Imagine a room full of smiling faces of family and friends during a stressful day. Imagine repressing a laugh at your dog’s goofy expression as you took that photo of him trying to make friends at the dog park.

Personal photos will cheer you up on a tough day, and they also make great icebreakers to open up with co-workers and clients. Choose your favorite photos to display, and use thicker frames to symbolize a close bond.

Lighting: Shine in the Right Light

Don’t strain your eyes under that bright lighting by staring at your computer screen for hours on end. Take advantage of ambient lighting to help your eyes adjust throughout the day and into the evening, if you’re working late.

Not only will your eyes thank you for not being sore, but also your body and mood will also enjoy the intimate lighting. Place standing lamps in dark corners. Choose a retro or creative table lamp next to your monitor.

Color Expresses: Deck the Walls and All

There’s a reason hospitals choose soothing blues and greens for their rooms, and why active reds and bright blues are chosen for fitness centers. It’s color psychology: Get expressive with color wherever possible.

Gray cubicles and gray walls do not motivate anyone to get the job done. Are you bored in your workspace? For cubicle walls, add splashes of color and dynamic patterns with wallpaper. For a home office, you’re freer to paint the walls and accessorize to your heart’s content. Even a little color goes a long way in making your workspace more inviting.

Cooler hues of greens and blues communicate calm, while brighter and warmer colors signify activity and enthusiasm. Some colors, such as red, may be associated with various emotions ranging from anger to passion. Dark colors bring the walls in, and lighter colors expand a room. If you want to boost the calm in your office, opt for nature colors or soothing blues.

Comfort: Office Furniture, Pillows and Blankets

A modern, functional look works for some, but everyone’s taste differs. If you’re physically uncomfortable in your workspace, you need better furniture and cozy, colorful accessories. An accent chair adds a touch of color and keeps you alert on the job.

Comfortable furniture will help you get the job done and feel more welcoming to co-workers and clients. Your office chair should support your back and posture at the right angle, including elbows comfortably angled toward the keyboard, with feet touching the ground. For additional relaxation, select a new reading chair or sofa for breaks and casual conversation.

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What better way to make your office super cozy than to introduce blankets and pillows? In a gray-walled work environment, pillows offer that perfect pop of color. Blankets are functional for warmth in a chilly office environment, while giving off a cozy and warm vibe.

You don’t have to go overboard with the blankets and pillows, either. Pillows with inspirational quotes keep you motivated. A throw with your favorite sports team or an interesting pattern makes for great conversation starter and touch of personality.

Keep Calm: Bring Nature Indoors

Do you like to take walks and get in a bit of nature while at work? Sometimes, the day fills up with commitments and that break to breathe in nature eludes you.

Bring nature indoors with a small desk or window plant. Spider plants, lilies and aloe vera are hard to kill if you don’t have a green thumb, and do well in moderate light. Indoor plants also benefit your health by circulating the air inside the office and improving your mood.

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Layout: Organize With Your Work Style

When considering each of these elements, also keep the layout of your workspace or office in mind. Some layouts will be set in stone, such as a cubicle. Open office layouts and home offices are more flexible, depending on co-worker and family opinions. Still, you work how you work and your environment is important to a job well done.

What’s the first thing you do when you come in? Place important tasks by the door, or if you want to relax, shift your reading chair or blanket closer for easier access. Have a snack bar with a coffee maker ready to go.
Do you like to face your co-workers or the window? Many people don’t like others sneaking up on them while working on an important task, while others like to lose themselves to the creative thought process and daydream by the window.

Feng Shui

You could also use feng shui to organize your office, cubicle or desk. If you sit with your back to the door, you’re considered unavailable, but a commanding position faces the door. A small mirror will help, if you must have your back away from the door. Certain corners of your office or desk represent wealth and career growth, too. Lay out your office with the flow of your personal energy and goals in mind.

No matter the size of your workspace, be it a cubicle or big office, a few touches go a long way in making it personal. Function, form, creativity and personality may all exist in the same space, boosting your mood and improving your productivity.

Consider ambient lighting and furniture that will make the space more comfortable for your health, as well as inviting to co-workers and clients. Let your layout work with your work style, not against it. With a splash of color, photographs and gadgets, your workspace will shine with your unique vibe.


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Sarah Landrum

After graduating from Penn State with degrees in Marketing and PR, Sarah moved to Harrisburg to start her career as a Digital Media Specialist and a writer. She later founded Punched Clocks, a site dedicated to helping young professionals navigate the work world and find happiness and success in their careers.

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