Office Art: 4 Inspiring Artists To Fuel Your Workspace

Having an office that suits you is important – it can inspire you to work harder or lift your spirits on a stressful day. But how do you choose from amongst the hundreds of different decor options and dozens of “inspirational” posters available at the local office supply store? The answer may be looking beyond those standard options. Expand your options and  explore the creations of incredible people who have shaped the art world

Let your office tell a story about who you aspire to be like. Pick a decorative theme, a message, and keep it simple. Here are 4  artists you might want to add to your office as role models and professional inspiration.

The High Powered Professional

Are you the kind of hyper-focused professional who loses sleep over an exciting project and is powered by frequent, high intensity deadlines? Then the abstract art of Louise Fishman might be perfect for your office. Born in 1939, Fishman ran with the old boys club as one of the first female abstract expressionists. Innovators with a no nonsense attitude will feel at home with Fishman’s energetic, emphatic art.

Keeping It Simple

On the opposite end from our high powered professional, there are those women who function as the calm voice of reason in their workplace. If you’re the peacekeeper with a zen balance, a Joan Miro painting may be the perfect thing to bring your office together.


Introduced onto the art scene primarily by collector Albert Scaglione, Joan Miro is a Mexican artist whose perspective is simple, focused on still objects and attention to detail. Once noting that an artwork “must be conceived with fire in the soul but executed with clinical coolness,” Miro is all about the focus that produces great work to exacting standards.

Big Thinkers

Are you the person your office relies on for big, structural ideas? Can you see the whole picture and all of its connections? Women who think in this sort of methodical way may feel at home with the work of Ethiopian artist Julie Mehretu.

Mehretu describes her art as architectural and you can clearly see the sweeping yet sturdy motions in her style. You might even think you could build a house based on her paintings. That might not work but you can create an inspiring office space by including her work.

The Tightrope Walker

office art Office Art Office art

Are you a mother struggling to maintain work-life balance? Perhaps you need more inspiring mothers to decorate your office. Margaret Kilgallen died at the young age of 33, but stands out as one of the defining artists of the Mission School. Kilgallen was diagnosed with breast cancer during her pregnancy and died shortly after giving birth, but her work stands out as foundational to the San Francisco-based art scene.

Inspiring Office Art Matters

The art you put in your office is up to you, but rather than going with a generic print of a plant or birds, step up your work aesthetic with inspirational art that speaks to your style. Tap into the strength of female artists – you’ll be surprised how your stories intertwined.

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