Afford a Home Makeover For Your First Apartment

Do you remember your first apartment?

You landed your first full time job. When you got home, you took off those awful heels and jumped on Craigslist to find yourself a new place to live. You’re a real adult! Except, when you finally flew the nest, you realized that you don’t own any furniture, you finally understand why your Dad has been nagging you to turn off the lights when you leave the room, and there are bugs in your cereal because you don’t have anywhere to put it. You need a home makeover.

Buuut…. you can’t paint or put holes in the walls, furniture is no-seriously-is-that-pricetag-a-sick-joke expensive, and there’s a mysterious stain on the carpet that you hope wasn’t at one point the scene of a crime. What’s a young professional like yourself to do?

Knick-Knacks are Your Home Makeover Friends

This post was made possible thanks to Buffalo Niagara Convention & Visitors Bureau, Thin Ice, Artisan’s Hands, Anna Grace, and Erin Habes.  All opinions expressed are our own. For more information, see Ms. Career Girl’s disclosure policy.

Nicole P.

Nicole Pieri graduated with a B.A. in English from The College of New Jersey in 2011, and has since decided that jeggings aren’t as cool as she originally thought and that writing for a living online is way better than being a starving artist. Relocating from a cow town in Northern New Jersey to the big city of Philadelphia has brought her some great opportunities and changed her attitude from “always look both ways!” to “I’m probably faster than that bus.” In her spare time she enjoys crocheting and speaking in the third person so that it looks as if she’s important enough for someone else to have written a bio about her.

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