Atlanta, Georgia: The Hidden Cultural Gem of America


When dreaming of the perfect vacation, most people tend to think about warm sunshine basking over wave kissed beaches. While a secluded island bungalow sounds like an amazing spot, a second and less thought about vacation is heading to the city. People tend to think of it more as visiting somewhere they have never been, which is true, but they have chosen to swap sandy beaches for skyscrapers and paved streets.

If you’ve ever been to London, New York, or Los Angeles, then you know just how exciting and wonderful this type of vacation can be. From the city lights to what seems like an endless amount of sights and attractions, vacationing in a metropolis can rival the beach in a number of ways. If you’ve been planning to go somewhere new, consider booking an Atlantic luxury condo in one of America’s hidden gems: Atlanta, Georgia.

A Thriving Locale

Atlanta is often considered the capital of the New South with its booming prosperity from companies like Coca Cola and the renowned Holiday Inn. In the past decade this city has become a hub for world class restaurants, cultural attractions, and a nightlife to rival the rest of the U.S.’s major cities.

Head over to the internationally renowned Georgia Aquarium where you can watch one of the largest fish in the world, whale sharks. This enormous aquarium holds over 100,000 different types of sea creatures, and is fun for both adults and children alike.

The city holds a rich tapestry of art, culture, and history that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

The Food is Amazing

Grab a bite of culture at The Flying Biscuit Cafe where they serve Atlanta’s favorite, breakfast with a soft buttery biscuit. You could opt for more artisan and organic food at Krog Street Market, which features specialty stalls that serve a wide variety of amazing food alongside a brewery.

For a more high-end experience, try the outstanding tapas served at The Iberian Pig in Decatur. The theme of their kitchen is modern Spanish cuisine from cuts of meats to delicacy cheeses. Plus, they can make a mean cocktail.

A Piece of History

Despite its incredible makeover, Atlanta has held onto its rich history. Visitors can stop by the Altanta History Center to learn all there is to know about the foundations of the area and head over to the Martin Luther King Jr. Historical Site to see the moving tribute to the American icon.

The area is home to the Jimmy Carter Library and Museum that honors the 39th president, the historical home of famous author Margaret Mitchell, and the Centennial Olympic Park which held the 1996 Olympics. There are more museums here chronicling the history of both the United States and this historically rich area than nearly any other city has to offer.


It could be argued that there isn’t anything quite as American as a bottle of Coca-Cola. Those looking to know more behind the history of the mega-famous soft drink can head over to the interactive World of Coca-Cola museum.

Here, you can learn all about the beverage and the culture that surrounds it. More importantly, you can step into the Taste It room to try over 100 versions of Coke from around the world!

A Magical Garden

One of the truly unique features found here in Atlanta is the Botanical Garden. Open all year round, even in winter, this garden is lit up at night for anyone to come visit. With masterfully crafted hedge and gardening creations, it sure draws a crowd!

Come in spring to see hundreds of blooming flowers, the fall for a spook-tacular themed adventure, or winter for a wonderland of lights and snow. Summer is the most popular choice, where the warm weather and break from the hustle and bustle of the city provide the perfect oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation.

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