Get Creative: 10 Reasons Why You Must Install Art in the Office

From the aesthetic to the psychological, the benefits of including art in the workplace are numerous and diverse. Not only does artwork have a positive impact on employees’ wellbeing, but it also improves the aesthetic of a space, in addition to a host of other advantages. From elegant photographs that evoke a sense of professionalism to avant-garde sculptures that encourage thought and creativity, the artistic possibilities from which to choose are endless. The concept of enhancing workplaces with art has gained such momentum that workplace consultancies have hosted entire seminars to share the benefits with business owners. Here, we explore 10 of the benefits of installing artwork in the workplace, each of which makes the implementation a must in the age of the millennial.

Art in the workplace creates a good impression.

Installing art in the workplace impresses visitors. Colourful, thought-provoking displays create a strong impression for new or existing clients and communicate a pride in the place of work. For employees, artwork hung on the walls assures a sense of commitment to quality.

Art stimulates employees and encourages creativity.

Aside from encouraging conversation and interactions between team members, works of art are effective in stimulating the psychological capabilities of employees. Is it essential to make staff feel enthused by their working environment for a variety of reasons, but encouraging creativity is possibly the most important.

Art in the office can improve staff retention rates.

In a survey commissioned by Art Force, it was discovered that 94% of respondents agreed that “artwork enhances the work environment.” This implies that staff members are happier in their workplace if art is displayed, and greater satisfaction usually comes with lower turnover rates. “Art is about employee retention,” commented Andy Moseley of KPMG. “We want to encourage people to be here and art is one of the subtle strategies we use for doing that.”

Art in the office makes staff more productive.

According to Forbes, workers in art- or plant-filled offices are, on average, 17% more productive than those who work in unembellished offices; possibly as a result of a stimulated mind and a more creative outlook. It goes without saying that enhanced productivity is beneficial for both company output and its bottom line.

Art reduces employees’ stress and improves their wellbeing.

In a recent study conducted by Exeter University, it was discovered that 92% of women and 71% of men agreed that their wellbeing improved with an art-filled workplace. Improved wellbeing leads to fewer sick days, reduced stress levels, and longer stretches of productive output.


Art makes employees happier in their working environment.

Happy employees create a good sense of team spirit, which permeates through every aspect of a company, from the standard of work produced to an increase in a company’s turnover. Staff respond well to being stimulated by works of art, and it is especially good to let team members take control of their own workstations, allowing them to select the art that appeals to them.

Art can help define a company’s brand, image and ethos.

As business owners and office furniture specialists will attest, it is essential to define a clear brand for your company – one which supports your company’s culture and professional ethos. Artwork is an efficient way to convey a business’s identity – be it playful, modern, traditional or professional.

Art is a relatively inexpensive means of investment that improves the bottom line.

With an increase in productivity comes a boost to work output and, ultimately, profits. The ROI on artwork in the workplace could well be worth the investment, if not for a short-term increase in profits, then for a long-term pledge to improve the working environment, develop a culture of quality, and show a commitment to team wellbeing.

Art in the workplace improves and enhances company culture.

Art is a great way to provide insight into a company’s culture. For companies with fun ingrained in their DNA, such as advertising agencies and tech startups, it is essential to capture the imagination of new hires and excite new clients by demonstrating this fun and creative work culture.  Playful murals and statues offer talking points and personality, and employees will feel more at home in the workplace if investment is made in art.

Art has the potential to be an investment!

And finally, it’s always possible that the art you buy could one day be worth a fortune!

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