The Best Jobs For Ladies Who Are Kid-Crazy

Kid-crazy jobs

Some women just cannot get over a love of children. Whether you’ve always felt that caring streak, motherhood has opened you up to a talent you found you had in spades, or you simply care deeply about the next generation. For some women, the difficult question is ‘work or children’. For you, it might be how to put those two together, not choose between them. Here are a few ways you might be able to do that.


It’s the obvious choice for many. A career in teaching pushes you to your limits, but it’s as rewarding as it is testing. Even more so than the other positions in this post, you need to thoroughly train yourself in how to work with other people’s children. Not just in terms of teaching them, but if you’re working with younger kids, you have to balance validation, discipline, and connection. It’s a time-consuming and emotionally demanding job, but it’s vital.

kid-crazy jobs

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If your brain just turns to happy mush when you see babies, then midwifery might be for you. But make no mistake, it can be a very tough job. You have to deal with complications, worst case scenarios, and difficult issues like dealing with postpartum. But to many women, midwives are an irreplaceable part of the motherhood experience. There are few things as rewarding as helping to deliver a newborn, too.

kid-crazy jobs

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Pediatric nurse

That sense of caring essential to being a midwife is just as important in a pediatric nurse. There’s a lot of progression available in the career, too. If you go on to earn qualifications like a Doctor of Nursing Practice from places like Maryville Online, you specialize in fields as vital and challenging as pediatric endocrinology. Beyond providing an all-important medical service, just as important is learning the ability to help children through what might otherwise be a stressful and even traumatic experience.

kid-crazy jobs

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Daycare owner

More and more parents are making use of daycare centers while they go off to work. If you have always had the talent to connect with kids, to keep them happy and to care for their safety, then this is a role that will push those skills to their limits. You can even start your own daycare, but you’re going to need certification from the state and you could be greatly helped by a degree in child psychology, education or human development.

kid-crazy jobs

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Child psychology

There are a lot of children who face great difficulties and disadvantages through their life as well. If you want to make sure no child is left out of life’s opportunities, then helping them with behavioral and emotional disorders as a child psychologist could be the right place for you. Of course, learning what makes a child tick is no easy task, so you’re going to need a doctorate, a license, and to find supervised work experience. It’s a long road that requires a lot of education but provides essential help to those most in need.

If you are truly great with kids, then there is a lot of need for people like you. The points above might give you a few directions to head in, but there are plenty more, too.